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The Ghosting of Ghost

Day 1 hello hi hello oh  oh hi there has to be someone here  there really just has to be i dont want it just to be me here  hello? oh oh i dont want it to just be me

Day 19 well this happens to be a phone I couldn’t really say about the others so nobody knows then  I didn’t say that Some of them don’t wind up here or some of them do but not all of them or not for very long I can’t make you any promises you won’t end up in a cactus for a time or a cursed and collapsing star or a [...]


Ghost in No Rush

"I don’t think it’s a ghost. I don’t believe in them. Of course, people can make up their own minds." —A man who set out a night camera to take pictures of animals instead got footage of this mystery stroller, who has not yet been identified. Nanny?



The Return of Ghost

Previously: Text Messages From a Ghost. April 22

hello Hi, who’s this? ill give you a hint i brought you some candy babies Ghost? ghost! Ghost? Ghost! ghost!! i really did bring you candy babies though they’re on the counter not to brag or anything but i poltergeisted them there all by myself I thought you were gone, I thought I had broken you or sent you somewhere I couldn’t see or hear Where have you been? hoo boy well all over really i spent some time in an egg i had to wait to get hatched out of that so that was probably a [...]


That Movie You Should Watch on Netflix Instead of That Movie Released in Theaters Today

If you don’t want to pay $13 to see a movie this weekend, watch a complementary title available instantly from Netflix instead. Or don’t. Or realize that today is your sister’s birthday and brainstorm selections for a celebratory movie marathon that the two of you would watch if you both lived in the same city. It would probably begin with a breakfast of eggs and grits while watching My Cousin Vinny, and transition into the ultra-violence and illiteracy of Freeway with Reese Witherspoon and Kiefer Sutherland. As a break from the blood, we’d watch Heart and Souls, followed by a nice Shirley MacLaine double feature of Two Mules for [...]


Get This Look: Ghosts

The Brown Lady of Raynham Hall

Deep in the heart of England, arguably one of the world’s spookiest countries (see also: fog, Sherlock Holmes, the moors, Wilkie Collins, Jack the Ripper, castles, etc.), resides the Brown Lady of Raynham Hall, all chilling out for photographs and bringing back brown brocade in a major way. She's said to be the ghost of Dorothy Walpole, the sister of England’s first Prime Minister, Robert “Bobby” Walpole. The story goes that Dorothy was locked away in the family’s Norfolk estate, Raynham Hall, when her husband discovered she'd been sneaking around on him. More-Gossip Girl-esque versions of the story claim that her [...]


Talking to Ghosts on Cell Phones

In our politically divided, socially stratified world, it is nice to know that 48% of Americans can agree on one thing: ghosts are everywhere. Floating around, seeing you when you’re sleeping, knowing when you’re awake, silently judging all the life choices you’ve made since college.

But sometimes, just knowing that they’re out there isn’t enough. What about the times when you want to reach out to ghosts, to find out what really killed them, or see if they have any good dating advice?

In the past, communicating with the beyond was a costly and time-intensive endeavor. If you opted to bypass the traditional séance route, you had to [...]


Text Messages From a Ghost

October 14th hey im gaunting you ok Do you mean haunting yeah sorry i don’t have any fingers so im poltergeisting a stick to help me text this Who is this? oh sorry im a ghost So do you live inside this phone yeah kind of

October 21st sorry if last night was pretty loud Sorry? some other ghosts came over last night and we fought we used to be roommates Oh. they weren’t good roommates I’m sorry no no it’s okay I mean its really nice of you to care I really like haunting you a lot Don’t you mean “gaunting” hahaha you remembered


A Chat With Geoff, an Actual Ghost-Believer, in Which I Clearly Care About Ghosts a Lot More Than He Does

Esther: I've never done a chat interview before, so let's start. ASL? Just kidding! Maybe you could tell me about yourself, just so the readers can get an idea of the sort of person you are?

Geoff: OK, well, I’m 33, live in NYC, I work in advertising, running the gaming department across North America for one of the largest agencies in the world. I keep a very small, close, trusted group of friends. I like movies, sports, and entertainment, and prefer lightheartedness to serious or sad themes and topics.

E: SO!

G: SO!

E: Ghosts!

G: Ghosts.

E: Have you always believed in them? Or was there maybe an event or a [...]


The Best Time I House-Sat for a Ghost

A few years ago a friend of a friend hooked me up with an amazing house sitting job. I liked the idea of hanging out in someone’s mansion for a few nights, pretending to be a rich lady. Let’s talk about the house for a minute, so you can fully understand what I’m dealing with.

A three-story Victorian mansion complete with grand piano, pool table, caterer’s kitchen (honestly, I didn’t even know what that was), and a soaking bathtub surrounded by enormous windows. There were MacBooks lying around like old phone books and a big library full of self-help titles that I felt I should peruse.

The owner of [...]


"Mound," by Allison Schulnik

Happy everlasting Halloween! Here's a slow and nauseatingly spooky video to start your holiday morning.