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Their Bodies, Ourselves

Three bodies—Brittney Griner, lofty, powerful, with spiritually level shoulders; Laura Blears, ukulele-curved, lit forever by fading ‘70s sun; and AJ Lee, muscle-knit, compact, petite in pink-laced Converse. These bodies aren’t just material. They’re also conceptual. Even if those concepts often manifest as simply “She’s hot” or “She’s a dude.”

In 1975, ABC Sports broadcast a women-only version of Superstars, their popular competition show in which elite athletes from various sports fired against one another in a provisional decathlon that included bowling, swimming, tennis, softball, bicycling, and rowing. Looking back at a spectacle where daredevil motorcyclist Debbie Lawler wore a flaming orange bra for luck—“I’m just here to [...]


Female Lawmakers in "the Last of the Good Ol' Boys Clubs"

This great piece from the Texas Observer, source of the nail-biter Wendy Davis filibuster livestream, details everyday occurrences inside the Texas legislature ("Rep. Mike “Tuffy” Hamilton interrupted Marisa Marquez during a House floor debate to ask if her breasts were real or fake," porn on iPads during sessions, cat noises when women speak, a civil rights powerhouse politician who admits, "When I first got here in 1973, a guy called me his ‘black mistress'") that will make you feel intense pride in and admiration for the women who walk into this workplace on a daily basis. Our old friend Wendy makes a pre-filibuster appearance, too, struggling openly with the [...]