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And I Will Call Her Candy Crush

Do you have any children? Do they play the game? Yes, I have two daughters. One of them is called Saga and yeah, she has seen the game and tried it with me. But it's not primarily a game for children, of course.

Did you say her name was Saga? Like Candy Crush Saga? Yeah.

You named her after the game?! No, it was a coincidence. It means the same in Swedish as it does in English. She's eight so I named her eight years ago. That was before the game. But I haven't told her yet that the game is not named after her.

She thinks it is? Yeah, [...]


Becoming the Queen of Rack City

If you find yourself with the low-scoring tiles ADEILOR then words such as RAIL, LOADER, or maybe ORDEAL can be found. But it is only with a more specialist Scrabble vocabulary of seven- letter words that occur with common letters that you might be able to play DARIOLE for a 50pt bonus.

These are darioles, and that was one paragraph from the 163-page e-book, The Scrabble Player's Handbook, written by some of the greatest Scrabble geniuses of our time. Click here to download the book for free, or you could just play Scrabble on your iPad and use the "Best Word" function. [via]


Lines From Songs That Are Fun to Repurpose When You’re Playing Settlers of Catan

“We built this city, we built this city on rock and wheat.” 

“No I’m not selling sheep. I’m not selling sheep.”

“Longest Ro-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oad. Longest Ro-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oad.”

“Because the knight belongs to lovers. Because the knight belongs to me.”

“It’s a brick, house.”

“I told you, I’m in trouble. You know, I’ve got no wood.”

“I’m begging of you please don’t take my land just because you can.”


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Dan Deacon's "True Thrush" Video

Well, this is just delightful. It's a music video version of that game Telephone. A very short scene was filmed and shown to the next two actors. They in turn recreate it, show their version to the next two actors, and so on. Judging by the results, the participants came straight out of Central Happy People With Sunny Dispositions Casting.


Good Boyfriend, Bad Boyfriend: The Game



Good Boyfriend/Bad Boyfriend is a fun new game I invented today that can provide you with hours of amusement — hours that would otherwise be spent doing dumb crud like work or socializing. There are two obvious facts you need to know in order to play:

1. In romantic comedies, the female protagonist often starts out with a BF who's a grade-A bozo and who eventually leaves him for a man who is hotter/cooler/purer of heart.

2. Some male actors have been in more than one movie over the course of their careers.

These facts lead us to the [...]


B-I-N-G-O Home, Everybody. Party's Over.

A man in California emailed recently to tell me how after Christmas dinner last year, his brother drunkenly declared his love for his sister-in-law, the man's own wife. Another man in Georgia told me how his father threatened to call the police to his holiday family gathering several years ago.

Nathan Willi, a 24-year-old electronics salesman in Peoria, Ill., is bracing for family fights about football this year. Fourteen of his family members graduated from Notre Dame. Mr. Willi went to Michigan. "I will stay at the Christmas dinner for as long as I can tolerate the extended family's arrogance," he says.

One of these things is not like [...]


Okay, Beer Pong. Maybe.

Here are some drinking games you could play if you want to ruin watching the presidential debate tonight: this one, this one, this one, this one, and this one. But don't. Drinking games are not awesome. You know what's awesome? Enjoying a beer at your own pace, or not at all. Freedom. America. Full circle. Get out the vote.


The World Has Spoken

In Monopoly news, the iron token is out, and a cat token is in, although neither changes that it's a miserable, endless game for lunatics.


Games to Give and Get, Holiday 2012 Edition

"… I come to every social engagement armed with board games, to help facilitate that whole human interaction thing that people thought was important before smartphones gave us an excuse to avoid eye contact with others. It’s also why I give games as gifts." —Over on The Morning News, Matthew "Good Gift Game Guide Guy" Baldwin rounds up his favorite games of the year, board- and non, with brief explanations of how they work, who they're good for, and the time they take to play. There's one that seems to be an Apples to Apples "for horrible people," as well as an oddly Tarot-looking one about mushrooms. Since [...]


Yeasayer's New-Album Scavenger Hunt

The excellent "experimental rock, psychedelic pop" band Yeasayer countered the impending leak of their new album Fragrant World (officially due out August 20) by breaking it up and planting it throughout the internet.

There are places to cheat, if you're the cheating type.