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Who Is Gadget For

I don't know about that, but: Grand St, a newish online store of pretty things.


Exercise Gadgets to Ruin/Enhance Your Life

The best way to get fit is to spend hundreds of dollars on gadgets, and then watch the desired result automatically happen. Right? Here are a few good ways to spend your money becoming perfect.

Calorie Monitors The BodyBugg is a device you wear on your arm that counts the calories you expend when you sleep, walk, run, exercise, and do pretty much anything, which is useful if you like to be on top of what you're burning and not burning (math, control!). It's $250 (it has a pedometer and links up to your smartphone), but it's on sale for $200. (Amazon users are on [...]


The 5 Main Hair Gadgets to Love and Cherish

Life's too short and hair's too long to not sometimes try going curly if you're straight, or straight if you're curly. You know? And so, here are the hair tools I like to use or fantasize about using to create such life-altering looks. Please join me as we plug these things into the outlet near our mirror.

Curling Wands The Sultra 1" Bombshell Curling Wand/Iron ($130) is expensive, but the Sephora reviewers lose their minds over how extremely fast it gets so extremely hot, and how that speeds up the whole hair-curling process. If curling wands don't make sense, they're actually quite easy — here's a tutorial. And [...]


Some Possible iPad 2 News

It's easy to believe what the Christian Science Monitor says about most things: they're both Christian and sciencey! Yesterday evening they ran a story about a report in a Taiwanese newspaper, Economic News Daily, on the second version of Apple's iPad, which we shall call the iPad 2 because it seems only right. The timing of this is strange, i.e. early, because the rumors are too late for holiday iPad fun, and far too early for the usual June Apple bonanza. The News Daily predicts that the new device might come out as early as the first quarter of 2011, which is essentially what an analyst at the firm [...]


Friday Bargain Bin: Gifts for Dudes

Mix Tape 1GB USB Memory Stick, $23.64 (was $29.95) Ask Riiiiiiich if this is not the best gift ever? It can hold like 900 minutes of music — which is waaay too much if you are giving this to a romantic interest. Keep it under 120 and you're in.


The Top 5 Makeover-y Sites, Apps

If you're curious about how you'd look with Liz Taylor eyebrows, red matte lipstick, and hazel eyes (or anything, anything, and anything), but you're lazy, broke, or intimidated, there's always the virtual makeover, where all you need are long, empty hours and a picture of yourself looking at the camera. Here are few of my favorites.


I've said it before, and again after that, but TAAZ (which is free) is the greatest online makeover site of all time. Go to it! Plus you can do things there like give Nosferatu a new look, or freshen up old elementary school pictures. [...]


The Incredible Shrinking Cubicle

Research shows that the average work space for a white-collar worker in this country has plummeted from 500 to 700 square feet in the 1970s (a different time, a different time) to something that is fast approaching 50 square feet.


Grading Gadgety Gift Guides for Guys

Edith: Brilliant Wirecutter editor and gadget expert Brian Lam, I was wondering if you could offer any commentary on these "Gadget Gifts for Guys" recommended by Esquire. Also, what toothbrush do you use? And would you rather be given a chainsaw, cell phone, or bottle of mezcal this holiday season?

Brian: I've been thinking about how to approach my guide. I believe it's good service and people love it, and I think my angle is to build it around the Japanese idea of gift-giving. Which is, from wiki, "honno o shirushi de gozai masu ga / ほんのお印(しるし)でございますが, meaning, 'it only amounts to a symbol of my appreciation, but…' [...]


The Traveler's Cup

"The collapsible shot glass is wonderful for keeping in my purse," writes reviewer Deborah H. "I use it for taking medications when at a sink or for drinking with more dignity when at a water fountain." The dignity thimble is currently available for $15.85. The better to Qream someone with? Qream will now go on a very brief hiatus.



FCC Elbowing Its Way Between Teens and Their Gadgets

The FCC is holding a panel in D.C. next Tuesday to discuss the effect that technology is having on teenagers, a bold move considering that all of the concern about how technology is melting us has so far been confined to the New York Times (where news of this forum also happens to live, and, ha, which apparently "inspired" the FCC to hold the panel.) People like Jane Lynch will be participating, and the Pew Internet and American Life Project will be presenting its macabre recent study, "Teens and Mobile Phones."

What will come out of the day's events? Hopefully action, because some of the stats [...]