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My Period Takes Me Shopping

Last week, out of nowhere, my period arrived at my apartment and insisted we go shopping. It showed up just as I was settling in for a hard day of studying, or pretending to study but actually Googling “recent UFO sightings – real.”

“LET’S GO SHOPIIINNNGGG!!!” my period screamed.

I grumbled but ultimately agreed, because I've come to accept that what my period wants, my period gets. (Except for making out with pirate Johnny Depp, rolling around in the sand with pirate Johnny Depp, and discovering buried treasure with pirate Johnny Depp — to pay for grad school!)

Together we headed to the mall. My period tried to steer me [...]


More Fun Than Traffic School: Nine Things to Do Drunk Besides Drive

I lived in Los Angeles for four years and almost everyone I knew during that time has since acquired a DUI. This is because LA's top two priorities are being seen at as many Hollywood parties as possible, and being seen getting out of a whip that costs more than the house you grew up in when you get there. Safety third, I guess.

Somehow I escaped unscathed, but from what I hear, DUIs are a gigantic pain in the ass and cost way more than you could ever imagine. Plus, you can kill someone/yourself. Fortunately, I’ve put together a list of things that are WAY MORE FUN to [...]


Cool Kids Text Alllll the Time

More news in cell-phonery: Teenagers who text more than 120 times a day somehow also find the time to have more sex, drink more booze, do more drugs, and get in more fights than their untexting, untexted peers. Aw. Perhaps a Big Brother/Big Sister pen-pal-type thing is needed.


A Comprehensive Guide to Housecats

This here is but one little rectangular area of Joumana Medlej's "Guide to Housecat Coat Colors and Patterns," which is so big that you'll need, like, size A0 paper to print it out. "Although there basically exists only two colors in cats," Medlej explains, "their derivatives, added to a number of patterns can all combine, conspire to create a bewildering array of denominated coats." Indeed. Apparently, a tabbie mixed with a tortoiseshell is called a torbie. I believe this is the type of cat I have on my hands. Looking at this is almost stressful, as if it's a catalog of cats you could buy and you have [...]


College Courses on Mad Men

Unfortunately it's not taught by Natasha Vargas-Cooper, but the latest course centered on AMC's Mad Men to make itself known to the world, Northwestern's Consumerism and Social Change in Mad Men America 1960-1965, still sounds pretty appealing. There is also a course at UC Berkeley taught by two seniors, and there must be others! Come forward and reveal your syllabi!


How Angry Birds Became So Very Dear to My Heart

"Plump and ripe for roasting, Angry Birds is as addictive as any puzzler gets with light-hearted gameplay that flies with the best of the flock.” – Pocketgamer

The logic of Angry Birds, currently the top paid game in the iPhone’s App Store, may appear endearing and amusing enough to write an essay about it because I discovered it while on a road trip from New York to California this past weekend. Like most modes of long-haul transportation, a car affords a great deal of clear-headedness and introspection. A daft game becomes an addiction, yes, because the time in the passenger seat is boring, but it also becomes [...]


Facebook and Twitter Go Together Like Hand and Glove

Digital Surgeons did some research on the state of Facebook and Twitter in 2010, and the results, gigantically pictured here, show that the two social media services could merge and/or have a child without too much trouble or nuisance to any of their users. Except no, I hope that doesn't happen, because as Jenna Wortham astutely wrote in the Times yesterday, most of us like to keep our online identities separate. You and your friends might all be on Twitter, but/so that doesn't mean you want each other's complete Twitter feeds showing up on Facebook. But maybe you all only joined Twitter so you could read the [...]


D.H. Lawrence's Many Ways of Saying 'Sex'

Taken from the first chapter, just the first freaking chapter, of Lady Chatterly's Lover, and compiled, in order, by the New York bookstore McNally Jackson on its tumblr:

love affairs love-connection the thing it


Woman Has Fun With Own Computer

She has clearly read all the books and avoided most of the criminals. [Via]