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Space Mannequin Filled With Blood and Mice

("Merry Christmas, I hope you like it.")

More info here.


"Formula for Love"

"I try to maintain a cool, scientific detachment toward all men … After all, I'm a scientist, a trained laboratory analyst, and I understand all about the magnetism between the sexes, the chemical changes which occur at certain times, and the pitfalls awaiting men and women who succumb to these things! I understand … but when Dr. Gorman visits our laboratory for professional purposes, I get shaky, weak-kneed, and I've got to keep myself from doing the most idiotic things!" —Uh oh, Miss Halleck! Bottomless vintage-romance-comic-book internet goldmine Sequential Crush is back this week (or, yesterday) with a roundup of comics on women, their careers, and the men [...]


Vinegar Valentines

Today Collectors Weekly has a nice roundup of nasty cards, with a fun 30-slide gallery at the end. Something for everyone.


The Lykovs of the Siberian Taiga

But, peering intently through his windscreen in search of a landing place, the pilot saw something that should not have been there.

Smithsonian magazine, by way of Jason Kottke (who also points to a short documentary), has an incredible article about a Russian family that lived in complete isolation for 40 years.

A few questions go unanswered.


Even More Secrets About Women and Tattoos

As of 2012, tattooed women outnumber men for the first time in American history

The third edition of Bodies of Subversion: A Secret History of Women and Tattoo is out now, via powerHouse. A sampling can be found here; the whole thing (paperback, 200 color photos) costs $23.95.

The excerpts provide some good ink-spiration, if you're into that sort of thing. Tattoos, not stupid puns.


Making Little Cakes With Martha Washington

There are very few pages in Martha Washington’s Booke of Cookery that fail to yield something utterly delightful. Take, for example, recipe 196, which tantalizingly promises to show the reader how “To Keepe Neats Tongues & Dry Them.” Neats’ tongues are now known — far more dully — as beef tongues, but their 18th-century name, as well as the ambiguity of the word “keep,” conjures (for me at least) the mental image of a beleaguered Virginia woman straining to prevent a host of rambunctious tongues from escaping a pickle barrel. Cannonfire sounds in nearby Chesapeake. Once she deals with the tongues, the woman decides, she will spoil herself a [...]


Genevieve Jones's 'Illustrations of the Nests and Birds of Ohio,' 1886

These pictures of nests, drawn in part to complement John James Audubon's nest-less Birds of America drawings, are beautiful but also make you wonder what other inverse artwork there could be. Warhol-style paintings of empty tables/cupboards? O'Keeffe-style paintings of headless cow skeletons? Drawings on snowy cars of entire guys except for their genitals? And then make that into a book. Drawings on Snowy Cars of Entire Guys Except for Their Genitals, $9,000 per monograph.

Also: America's Other Audubon is out now. (Amazon | Indiebound)


Scandals of Classic Hollywood: The Many Faces of Barbara Stanwyck

Maybe you’ve never heard of Barbara Stanwyck. She certainly isn’t the first star that comes to mind when you think of classic Hollywood. Ask for a screwballer and I’ll say Katharine Hepburn; ask for a drama queen and I’ll give you Bette Davis. Other stars had more active love lives, more stunning faces, more Oscars, more drama. But then ask me for my favorite films, and Stanwyck’s all over the place, lilting into scenes, making me fall off my chair laughing and/or crying, riding “all the way down the line” in, let’s just be honest here, the best film noir that isn’t Sunset Boulevard. She averaged five films a [...]


Scandals of Classic Hollywood: In Like Errol Flynn

Errol Flynn was that guy — that one guy, we all know them — who was too handsome for his own good. Early on, he figured out what his looks could do for him, and he rode that wave to various destinations. He was a textbook womanizer, an astoundingly successful player — a lech, a cad, a rake, and any number of other British-sounding adjectives that describe the combination of sexual appetite and the charisma required to feed it. When I look at him, I’m simultaneously repulsed and seduced: I know exactly the kind of guy he is, the compliments he’d offer, how he’d make every girl feel unique. What [...]


"Eartha Kitt and The Man Who Sat There — All Night!"

"The Battle of Bobbed Hair: Photoplay Magazine has made a national investigation of the problem to help you make up your mind. Read what they all say, pro and con. Weigh it carefully and then let your conscience decide." —A battles for the ages. Anne Helen Petersen found this and many more SHOCKING headlines from Classic Hollywood to tide us over until she reveals her next "Scandal."