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Axestay Areway Orfay Uckerssay

"The pigeons appeared in the fall. They swarmed Twitter and Facebook. They had their own hashtag, “#geonpi,” which was “pigeon” rendered in verlan, the French slang that splits a word in half and inverts the parts." —The French appear to have a classier, skinny form of pig latin that wears cunning scarves and eats smaller croissants. Also, oh, man, Gérard Depardieu.


The Devil's Coach Horse, or A Weekend in Bordeaux

One day, back in the late 1980s, some friends of mine in London decided to do me a favor and fix me up with an almost famous British author who was coming to “write” in Paris for a while. They thought it was time I dated someone with more to offer than the dinner check or Chlamydia. Yes, my last beau had been a broke photographer who’d given me Chlamydia (hey, it happens to the best of us), and immediately previous to him I’d dated a strange man (I still don’t know exactly what his profession was) who’d declared me “an angel” in a café — an unfortunate misreading of [...]


The French Neglect Their Hamsters

"France was punished on Thursday for not taking proper care of its hamsters." —Winner of the Best Sentence of the Day Award!


Portrait of a Lady in a Recession

The Obama Administration released a report on women and the recession yesterday that took baby steps toward making this country more like France (but perhaps


Eleven Days Alone In: Paris

Edith Zimmerman: Frequent traveler and Wikipedia enthusiast Chiara Atik just took a trip to Paris for Christmas and New Year's, which she chronicled on Tumblr and Instagram, inspiring both jealousy and vicarious delight. Chiara! Did you stay in one place or did you move around, hotel/apartment-wise?

Chiara Atik: One place! AirBnB. I think I'd be too lazy to move around, but that seems like a cool way to see different parts of a city. It was so nice to have an apartment there, though, to grocery shop, hang out on the couch, and just feel like a local for a week. 


"Why didn't French children throw food?"



The Latest Baby Craze

"A baby doesn't just shove the giraffe's head into his maw—he cradles it and squeezes it and gazes deeply into its dark black eyes." –Josh Levin on the love affair American babies are having with Sophie the Giraffe, the $25 French teething toy that has become the best-selling baby toy on Amazon. So what if you've purchased Sophie for at least three of your baby friends? Does that mean the poor kids will grow up to have some sort of giraffe fetish? : – [


Is There Anything They Can't Do?

Another thing the French are better at? Apart from knowing how to wear little scarves and chain-smoking and being thin and having silent, dutiful children who eat snails without complaint? Their politicians' romantic entanglements:

Geoffroy Didier of the UMP, said Trierweiler's personal "score-settling" meant Hollande's promised "exemplary republic" had turned into a bad "celebrity" saga. "The 'normal presidency' is definitively dead," he declared. "From now on, it's Dallas at the Elysée."

Several rightwing politicians accused Hollande of carrying out a love-life "vaudeville". One warned of "score-settling at the OK Corral". Royal declined to comment. The Socialist leader, Aubry, said the "only thing that matters" was Hollande's support for [...]


Happy Hour: Let's French

You guys are in luck. Today is my birthday so I was going to spend this post melodramatically mourning my lost youth (remember Skip-Its?! I'll probably never experience joy like that again) and boring you with the details of the bad birthday luck I've had in past years (my boyfriend-at-the-time gave me a moldy coffee cup) before offering you some mess of a cocktail that would probably be perfect for deciding to sleep with a bartender or just putting your face on the toilet for a little while.

But you're off the hook, since tomorrow happens to be Bastille Day, which celebrates the storming of the Bastille in 1789 [...]


The French Have Solved the Marriage Problem

Yes, they have solved it with the increasingly popular civil union, which is essentially Marriage Lite and can be dissolved "with just a registered letter." ("Don't make me send this registered letter.") They even have a cute, or, actually, sort of violent yet charming name for it: "getting PACSed." (Or, "getting PActe Civil de Solidarité'd.")