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The Playground Gourmet

You're never gonna read Pete Wells again: The Bold Italic has discovered the new class of the world's greatest food reviewers, and they're all four years old. A photographer and an editor bring the kid to a top-tier restaurant– think the French Laundry, Mission Chinese– and the reviews, totally unfiltered, are golden: "These flavors are funny! There are TOO MANY FLAVORS," "Is that soap? It doesn't smell too soapy but I think that's soap," and "Um, is this a flower? To eat? Eww. I'm keeping this. I'm gonna give it some water."

For the food nerds out there who've made wishlists of fancy restaurants to go to [...]


The Oprah Cleanse

"Will Oprah’s Favorite Things™ also be Molly’s Favorite Things™? Here, the results of my Oprah Cleanse:" Molly Young commits herself to an Oprah-approved diet for five days, becomes a lil' more Oprah. [Into the Gloss]


An Unhealthy Relationship (with Food)


We went to the diner on our first date. Or maybe it wasn’t a date. We were hanging out, going over lines for a community theater production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream we were both in. It was one of those build-on, customizable dates, or non-dates, where you keep adding to as it goes well. Rehearsing lines became coffee became going to hear a band became more coffee became going out to breakfast at 3 a.m. We spent time one-on-one, deep in conversation and in groups, near each other, but not touching, arousing the suspicion of our friends.

The diner was an old train car with a space-age, art [...]


Saying No to Juice

Someone should design a comedy routine in which nutritionists are lined up and asked to complete the sentence: Juice cleanses are … The responses I got included “nonsense,” “unsustainable,” “bone-headed,” and “not the answer”—and I think my interlocutors were trying to be polite. We need protein and fat in our diets. We also need to consume enough calories to reassure our bodies we aren’t starving, or we risk all kinds of metabolic and electrical freak-outs. Plus, liquefying fruits and vegetables means getting rid of fiber, which aids digestion by sustaining the microflora in our gut.

“We have cave-people bodies that are built for survival,” says Dr. Elizabeth Applegate, a [...]


Cooking Lessons


Perhaps my love of German wine comes from a deep recess in my brain that ties it up with awkward adolescent groping. My parents were permissive and kind, but we weren’t a hippie-dippy ‘naked’ house where the adults smoked pot—not that there’s anything wrong with that. When I was in college and home for winter break they would go out to dinner and a movie and leave my boyfriend and I at the house so I could cook him dinner. I would go to the nicer grocery store in our town that eventually got bought out by Whole Foods and go a little nuts buying fancy ingredients. This is [...]


Tell It To My Burrito

"Our physical level of hunger, in fact, does not correlate strongly with how much hunger we say that we feel or how much food we go on to consume." I'm really going to have to see some more evidence on this, guys. See also: "A Guide to Eating Very Particular Feelings." [The New Yorker]


This Roll Is on Fire

Right when you think this sushi-related post on Seamless's blog is probably going to end, it keeps right on going! Unless you paid attention to the title. Has anyone ever made a sushi Rubik's cube?


2 AM "Eat Until Sleepy" Routine Validated by Science

Researchers at Japan's Yamaguchi University have done a thing in the grand pursuit of knowledge about how humans can best binge-eat their way out of jet lag, and here is what they did: they put a bunch of mice on a normal schedule of food and daylight, then they turned off the lights completely and tried to reverse the clock through switching the feeding times. Turns out, the food as a regulatory mechanism was enough to get the mice switched onto the new schedule. Then they tried the switch again, injecting half the mice with an insulin-blocking compound, and those mice took twice as long to adjust as the mice who were just [...]


Kelis, "Rumble"

I very much like the idea of Kelis being like, "I just want to chill in a chair on this one. Just wanna sit in a chair in some rubber boots in the middle of the lake and call it a day. So that's what we're gonna do." I've also liked everything I've heard off of Food (see here), which is due out April 21. [via]

And over this way, Angel Olsen does her thing at Seattle's KEXP studios.


Ask a Glutton: I Need to Trick Everyone Into Thinking I'm an Adult This Thanksgiving

Dear Glutton,

My girlfriend and I are hosting our first ever real Thanksgiving dinner as a couple on Thursday, and I’m feeling more than a little overwhelmed. I love to cook, but mostly eat vegetarian, and the idea of making a huge, multi course, meat centered meal for a bunch of people I want to impress is FREAKING ME OUT! I’ve bought all the ingredients, and have some basic ideas of what I’m making (sweet potatoes, turkey, brussels sprouts, the usual suspects), but I’m hoping you could give me a timeline. When do I make what? How do I make sure everything isn’t freezing cold/has to cook at the [...]