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Friday Bargain Bin: Come Fly With Me

Kensie Wrap Cardigan, $22.49 (was $88) Airports and planes are freezing. Get a fun sweater that doubles as a blanket.

I'm flying today, y'all. I hate that! I hate it — because of all the dying and how sometimes the dying takes forever when your plane tumbles out of the sky for a full three and a half minutes Iamnotmakingthisup. So, I try really hard to make my air travel experience luxurious. That means Valium of course, but then also all of this other stuff that helps me feel better. Maybe it'll work for you too? And some of it is even on sale.


The Four Kinds of Airplane Passengers

Speaking of planes

1. The people who are supposed to board early: first class passengers, parents with small children, and anyone who needs additional assistance.

2. Everyone else.

3. The childless people — dozens of them — who are somehow already seated by the time everyone else boards, all throughout the plane, because they boarded before their zones were called. Why? Why did they do that? Did they feel they didn't have to wait in the cluster by the gate? Did they want to sit in their plane chairs for seven extra minutes? Did they want to put their bags in the thing first? Why?

4. The people [...]


"Hey 13B, what're u doin 4 the next 6 hours?"

In shameless self-promotion news, if you follow directions well and mess around on this website long enough, you might eventually spot a familiar face. Related: what would you do if a complete stranger on your flight used the seat-to-seat chat feature to talk to you? Think about it.


Everyone Remain Calm

To be an "unruly" passenger these days likely means one of three things: exhibiting violent or dangerous behavior that could pose a security risk; engaging in confrontational behavior with the flight crew that might escalate throughout the trip; or, unwittingly signaling to the flight crew that a problem could develop en route.

Hours too late for some passengers, MSNBC has attempted to make clear two of the three ways you could be considered "unruly" the next time you fly, but what is that third way they're talking about? I unwittingly signal to everyone that a problem could develop anywhere all day long. I guess double the Valium [...]


Phones Are Bad for Planes

Eeesh. A new report has found that cell phones and "personal electronic devices" really do interfere with planes’ navigation systems, which obviously is very dangerous. So when you think you’re being all sneaky tweeting about the loud chewer sitting across the aisle while you are in flight, you might in fact be endangering the lives of all your fellow passengers. Not cool. Last time I flew, a guy next to me was doing this very thing, and I spent the whole flight being nervous about it and debating whether I should tell him to turn it off. (I didn't, because apparently I am incapable of being pushy even [...]


Fly Like an Albatross

So a human finally flew like a bird this past weekend… sort of. Jarno Smeets' flapping arms only provided 5% of the power the wings needed — the rest came from motors. But the question remains: Ever heard of an airplane or a helicopter? Yeah, uh, lot less work, lot more drinks. [via]


How to Survive a 10-Hour Flight Like a Lady

Have you ever woken up on a plane one hour after taking a sleeping pill, with your headphones wire etched into your cheek, completely covered in sweat while simultaneously freezing and more hungry than you’ve ever been in your life? Were both of your legs asleep? Did you have a trail of masala-scented drool all down your shirt? Did you check the in-flight map and realize there were sill 10 more hours left on your flight? Did you cry a little bit? Did the girl next to you see you cry, nod in solidarity, and offer you her magazine? Because that was me.

As an expat in Asia, 15-hour plane [...]


Gaping Hole Prevents Airplane From Doing Its Thing

An American Airlines plane heading from Miami to Boston today had a gaping hole above a cabin door that caused the plane to descend "really fast, really loud. Lights were going on and off. Noises were going on and off. People were hysterical around us. They were crying." The hole/thing that used to cover the hole sort of resembles a peeled-back sardine can. Fortunately the plane landed safely back in Miami. How? How the hell did it do that? How long did the nightmare last? Did strangers clutch each other's forearms? Will this be on that National Geographic show that I love about horrific plane scenarios?