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How to Date Your Plants

A few weeks ago, the Times had a fun interview with writer-gardener Helen Yoest about her new book, "Plants With Benefits: An Uninhibited Guide to the Aphrodisiac Herbs, Fruits, Flowers, and Veggies in Your Garden." I emailed her this week to learn more about these racy plants. 

Helen! I love the book. Are there any recurring party-talk jokes that people make when they hear about it? Or, anything you're sick of / amused by in that regard? "Plants with benefits? Heyyyy" etc.?

Helen Yoest's "Plants With Benefits: An Uninhibited Guide to the Aphrodisiac Herbs, Fruits, Flowers, and Veggies in Your Garden" is available now.• Powell'sAmazon




reading this piece about the history of the heart symbol on Shutterstock led to this 2010 piece in Lapham's Quarterly, which led to a Google search for the "history of the heart symbol," which led to Wikipedia's interesting entry and a search for the word "cardioid," which led to this pleasant GIF, which reminded me that [cardioid back up to the top]

No, but one of the best parts of the long and excellent Lapham's piece, which Shutterstock's Danny Groner pointed out yesterday, is when author Iain Gately describes the people who'd recently learned that their hearts weren't shaped like actual cardioids as "still preferr[ing] to associate the [...]


Let's All Make…

giant crepe paper flowers! Look how gorgeous. At Honestly…WTF, they're hanging them from the ceiling, but you could also pile a bunch on that chair in the corner, right? No one ever sits there. Or, make them all out of white and put them up like crown molding. Or, make them out of grey and put them on the floor like bountiful, beautiful dust bunnies.


Dear Hydrangeas

Dear Hydrangeas,

I hope you're doing OK. From what I've gathered, it's been kind of a rough couple of months for you. Madonna revealed to the Venice Film Festival that she absolutely loathes you. And as someone who grew up worshiping Madonna, I can only imagine how that must have stung. Then today in my office, I overheard the receptionist sneer, "I told the florists not to bring them anymore. They're pretty, but hydrangeas die so quickly!" My heart plummeted. Not only does the Queen of Pop disdain you, but you have a short lifespan in vases. In addition to all of this, I still harbor guilt [...]


Amaryllis, Flower Cult

About a year ago, I got an email from a flower company offering to send me a box of three amaryllis bulbs. I said yes, in part because my mom also grows and gives away amaryllis plants each winter, but mostly because I love flowers, even if I am probably not supposed to accept them or anything else for free. Then last fall I emailed my mom about it. 

EZ: What do you like about giving amaryllis bulbs as gifts? I like that they're almost ridiculously easy, and then somehow also never die. And randomly (or not so randomly) rebloom.

Elizabeth Fox: Amaryllis are like dessert, at least for [...]


Mikala Bierma Is … The DIY Bride

Because "your wedding is the only day you can show everyone in your life how creative you are." The wonderful Mikala Bierma is on point.


Five-and-a-Half Daffodil-Free Daffodil Recipes

Daffodils are poisonous — do not eat them or mistake their bulbs for onions. But if you Google "daffodil recipes" to see if anyone's ever consumed them on purpose and lived to write about it on the internet (doesn't look like it), you find variations on the following:

1a. Daffodil cake. 1b. No-bake daffodil cake. 2. Daffodil cocktail. 3. Daffodil vegetable dip. 4. Daffodil lemon sauce. 5. Daffodil wine.

None of which is particularly interesting or includes any actual daffodil, but that last one does come with an eerily fairy-tale-ish unanswered request: "The neighbors have alot of daffodils in their yard and [...]


The Night Shift

The Night Shift

Previously: The Spider's Silk

Natalie Eve Garrett is an artist who likes surprises. Prints of her paintings are for sale here


Depends What You Mean by "Flower"

How does that 10 year-old know what dead people smell like? Poor guy.


DIY: Fire Flowers

As I've said before, homemade gifts sometimes kind of suck. But this year I'm going to be giving all the ladies in my life these pretty flower barrettes, because not only are they easy to make, they're cheap and provide the perfect excuse for you to play with fire.

But a word about that: be careful, okay, guys? I burnt my fingers more than once trying to make these flowers after burning through a couple margaritas. But when I tried to do it sober, there were no issues (shocker, that statement). This really is a safe craft, just make sure you have a glass of water nearby [...]