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The Hottest Take Of All

"How's this for a hot take?" were words I almost considered typing before I realized doing so would get me banned from the internet forever.

"Flame has always inspired wonder," goes James Gorman's voiceover for this video at the New York Times, and you know, he's not wrong. Fire has so many practical, day to day uses, whether it's destroying all evidence of your past life, or lighting candles to be used in a seance to contact the ghost of Zsa Zsa Gabor before realizing that whoops, Zsa Zsa Gabor is actually very much still alive and now you have to try and play it off like [...]


It's Dangerously Hot

If you step outside into this ungodly heat, what happened to this toddler might very well happen to you.



Up in Smoke

No, seriously, what the hell happened to the Sodder children in 1945? Do we have to page David Grann again? In 1968, more than 20 years after the fire, Jennie went to get the mail and found an envelope addressed only to her. It was postmarked in Kentucky but had no return address. Inside was a photo of a man in his mid-20s. On its flip side a cryptic handwritten note read: “Louis Sodder. I love brother Frankie. Ilil Boys. A90132 or 35.” She and George couldn’t deny the resemblance to their Louis, who was 9 at the time of the fire. Beyond the obvious similarities—dark curly hair, [...]


The Burning House: What You'd Save If Your House Were on Fire

Evidently fire burns very slowly in other people's homes, if these painstakingly curated lists are to be trusted.

If there were a fire in my house, I'd either die trying to carry a particular armchair down the stairs or die trying on clothes last minute. The idea of everything I own burning is actually kind of relieving.


I Choose Me Bristles With Pride, Yes I Do

"When I see a knee, an elbow, a breast, or a buttock appear… that is what I follow." That's what he said. "He" is artist Steven Spazuk who creates nudes and portraits by collecting soot from a burning candle on canvas. *Gets a neck cramp staring at the spot on the ceiling above her stove.* [via]