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Four Unfunny Truths About Laughter Yoga

I went to laughter yoga the other night, I guess because I live in a big city and sometimes wear stretchy pants in the street and pretty regularly force-feed myself kale.

Regular yoga is no longer the cure-all for your out-of-balance, toxins-infested mind-body; the cure-all is laughter yoga. Basically, laughter yoga is the new method for scrubbing out our dirty bodies and changing our brain chemistry and banishing sadness and stress from everyone. Forever.

The idea is that laughing is good for you (science says so, after all), and that pretending to laugh can be just as good for your health and wellbeing as actual laughing. So that’s what you [...]


A Rule Is a Rule: A Day Among the Millinery at Royal Ascot

After six Pimms, 20 squandered pounds, two purchased hats, and one final race at Royal Ascot, the five-day premier horse racing event in England, Rachel and I board the crowded train back to London and end up sitting in the First Class car. We’d somehow found ourselves, two Americans, returning from a day at the races.

A slim woman in her thirties with long, blond hair enters our small coach. “Just ladies in here, is it?” she asks in an English accent, smiling and glancing at us. “This is the smallest First Class coach I have ever seen.” She adjusts her black-and-white checked dress and slips her shoes off [...]


"Ouagadougou" Is the Hardest Word: A Day at the Spelling Bee

I spent yesterday afternoon at the Scripps National Spelling Bee at National Harbor, a fake mall metropolis in Maryland, to chat up some spellers. They're all perfect, smart, friendly humans who will make lots of money when they grow up, doing whatever. Here are some of them, on their experience, preparation, and the hardest words they've seen—or just one word, really.

Arvind Mahankali, a 13-year-old from New York City, won it all last night with the word "knaidel." Congratulations to all of them, and best of luck in high school. It is… fun?

Hrishikesh"Everyone here is really fun and cool. The hardest word? It's probably"—[writes it down for [...]