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Half Fries, Half Salad, Because Of FEMINISM Or Whatever

The “Have Your Cake And Eat It Too” School of Dieting.

Dear Wendy: How Do You Introduce Your Non-Artist Lover To Your Art Friends?

How riot gurl of you.

Armpit Hair Like U Just Don’t Care

How and why armpit hair is hot.

Meet the Woman Who Designed Atari’s “Centipede”

Dona Bailey, programming queen, worked for GM—and then discovered Space Invaders.

Love & Gina Prince-Bythewood

Faux Feminism in Trademark Tweeds

Our Boyfriend Joseph Gordon-Levitt on Feminism

If You Don’t Think This Is About Misogyny, There Is Nothing Wrong With You

Commodity Fetish: This Is Not Really What a Feminist Looks Like

Having the Best-Selling Cake and Eating the Review, Too: An Interview With Jennifer Weiner