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The Four Kinds of Chicken McNuggets You Meet in Heaven

Ball is the hearthrob. Bone is more studious, kind of nerdy-cute? Bell is the bad boy. Boot just likes to have fun.

And Tangy Barbeque has had her way with all of them.


The Mere Thought of Fast Food Makes Us Impatient

A research team has revealed that you don't even have to go into McDonald's to feel the pull of instant fatty, salty gratification: "even incidental and unconscious exposure to the fast-food symbols that are all around us makes people feel time-stressed and impatient in settings far outside the eating domain." Crazy.

The Toronto team conducted several experiments that involved displaying fast food logos on subjects' computer screens, then following up those displays with various challenges. One experiment found that despite not being under a time constraint to read a piece of text, subjects who had seen subliminal displays of fast food logos prior to being shown the text read [...]


Shacon Bake?

Bacon Shake.


A Sausage Wrapped in a Pancake Wrapped in a Quadruple Bypass

Dunkin' Donuts' latest product offering is an "innovation" that "features sweet and savory bite-sized sausage links in a maple flavored pancake." The press release presumes that we previously thought it "impossible to enjoy a classic pancake and sausage breakfast while on the go." Well, to be honest, it just never crossed my mind, but now it is looming in my mind like a sausagey, mapley blimp.


Drive-Thru, The Official Trailer

"Put this kid behind the wheel. With a bag of Roast Beef Classics, there is literally nothing he can't do." Uhhh, one order of Jalapeno Bites with extra Bronco Berry Sauce, a Chicken Bacon and Swiss, and small Jamocha Shake while you're at it, por favor?