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My Correspondence with Spam Gary Sinise

Dear Spam Gary Sinise,

I am so glad to hear that you are a fan of mine (though I have to admit I find it a little strange). When I checked my Facebook inbox this morning, I didn't expect to see your name there next to Jana Wrewelwski asking "2 pls friend." I haven't thought about you since 2008, which was the last time I idly watched Forrest Gump. I like your work, too! You were particularly strong in that other movie. Saving Private Ryan, I think.

Stay healthy. I hope you don't get a "sinise" infection.

Best, Dayna


Dear Spam Gary Sinise,

I regret to [...]


Modern-Day Superheroes We Need

Seamless Door-Answering Dinnertime Megazord 

In Metropolis, even the ultra-lazy need saving. And plastic utensils.


Train Pole De-sanitizer Man

Saving the innocent from super-bacteria without requiring participation in a breakdancing show.


Cronut Duplicator X

Fighting against all insurgents who hath deemed pastries as finite resources.


The Mystical All-Powerful Crane

Gigantic robot pick you up at cross-town bar, gigantic robot drop you off at home like stuffed panda in arcade game.  Gigantic robot crave love. For gigantic robot, love ever-fleeting. (Coming to Uber in 2014.)


Dr. Deep Facebook Hole Of Shame Blocker

No more babies, no more engagements, no more ex-boyfriend, no more sunshine, ain’t no, ain’t no [...]


"Leave a paper trail of 'likes' and then it won't look like you're stuck on this one comment"

Carmen Angelica and Cynthia Kao are filled with good intentions, which is why their internet series is called Good Intentions. (Two more episodes here.)


When Your Relationship Has 8,000 Facebook "Likes"

I was in one of those weird Saturday-night Internet black holes (the “History of cosmetics” page on Wikipedia, Googling “how do I do eyeliner,” makeup tutorials, an innocuous related link in the sidebar) when I first stumbled upon a Lucy and Kaelyn video. At 35 minutes, it was long for YouTube, and it wasn’t much more than two young gay women video-blogging their vacation together, set to a poppy soundtrack — laughing and holding hands over montages of their dates to sushi restaurants and the beach. I have a pretty short attention span, but I watched the entire thing. Judging from the 250,000+ views on that video, I’m [...]


Your Facebook Stalking, Quantified

"How Much Time Have You Wasted on Facebook?" Probably, like, five minutes, tops. Right?


Immerse Yourself in Yourself

Via NPR's Planet Money: an MIT project called Immersion that allows you to see how much of your life can be teased out from your email metadata. Using just the From, To, Cc and Timestamp fields on your Gmail, Immersion creates a color-coded map of correspondence that, at least for me, would probably represent the summation of my work and social relationships with great accuracy. Because metadata is an excessively timely issue, the site's server has been temporarily overworked; you can still sign up to map your own email later (the irony of this is not lost on me, but you can erase the data immediately), or do a [...]


Friends' Relationships, Sex, and the Ones Who Get Halfway Away

1. Is there a loving, appropriate way to handle a friend who you feel moves too fast in relationships? Like maybe a friend who moved across the country to continue a relationship that you suspected should have ended a year before it did, who then finally gave up trying to win that person back and moved back home six months after the relationship ended, but who is now asking you to analyze conversations they are having on OkCupid? And also every time you GChat, this friend tells you when the person they are talking to last logged in to OkCupid? Or is that normal now? I am a married [...]


#DudeCanCook #EpicSmile #RatingMenWithHashtags

A week later, they met again, this time at Mr. Branson’s Necker Island in the Caribbean, and had another night of passion. The next day, Mr. Brockway sat in on another of Ms. Chong’s Lulu lectures, unaware of her plan to demonstrate her app by reviewing him in front of his friends and family members.

“People thought she was teasing,” Mr. Brockway said, flashing his #EpicSmile and rubbing his #ThreeDayStubble during a recent dinner party in SoHo attended by friends including Alexandra Wilkis Wilson, a founder of Gilt Groupe, and Princess Eugenie of York.

Mr. Brockway has since gotten several more reviews (#DudeCanCook), none quite as glowing as the [...]


In a study of social exchange systems like Facebook, when people were told that their networks liked the content they were sharing, they shared more. But when they were told that people in their network did not like their shared content, they actually shared even more to figure out what their network might like, and “come up with more content that was edgier,” he said.

Hmm. The move is always to go edgier? I can't find the data online, but I have a feeling that this study's participants are 100% psych majors at UC Berkeley. Anyway, do you find yourself deleting unliked tweets and re-tweeting them with double the [...]


On the "Facebook Phone"

You need to text your friend that you will be late to dinner. You pull your Android device from your pocket. You place your thumb on your face and unlock the phone. You see that your friend Elaine just had a babymoon. You wonder what a "babymoon" is. You scroll through the photos and realize that a "babymoon" is a very easy concept to figure out. You decide that you don't care about Elaine's new baby. You think about how much you hate the name Elaine chose for her new baby. You wonder how much they spent on their "babymoon" and think about how much your health insurance would be [...]