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This morning I wondered what would happen if I watered my plants with coffee, to "wake them up," and then I wondered if anyone still conducts experiments like that at home anymore. Old-school, science project-style experiments (plant with coffee vs. plant with just water). Like: Which ___ is better at ____? Or something like that. Do you? Or has Google solved those little problems?

And it looks like you definitely can water plants with coffee. Some of them, at least.


Dan Deacon's "True Thrush" Video

Well, this is just delightful. It's a music video version of that game Telephone. A very short scene was filmed and shown to the next two actors. They in turn recreate it, show their version to the next two actors, and so on. Judging by the results, the participants came straight out of Central Happy People With Sunny Dispositions Casting.


The Untrustworthy Makeup Tutorial

Looks like scientists have been playing with TAAZ! [The greatest virtual makeover site on the planet.]

And here are the Betty and Veronica ways of explaining their recent, interesting experiment about the social effects of makeup. For instance, from the Betty: "When inferring trustworthiness, likeability, or competence from an image, we are influenced significantly not only by the attractiveness of the inherited phenotype but by the effects of the 'extended phenotype,' in this case, makeup," and from the Veronica: "Given more than just a glimpse of the images, participants showed that beauty and competence went up, but trustworthiness — or honesty — soon suffered as cosmetic looks [...]


Lean Cuisine-A-Day: Steak Tips Portabello

After one bite I literally had to read the ingredients list on the side of the box to figure out if I was chewing steak or mushrooms because it says it contains both, but all the brown parts looked and felt and tasted exactly the same. Wanna know the answer? Both! They must've finally figured out how to genetically engineer a cowshroom and I wish I could say it's as delicious as it sounds, but… don't eat this! The broccoli is just regular mushy frozen broccoli and the "steak tips portabello" is ??? And the burgundy wine sauce? Okay, so I checked that too and yes, while wine is [...]


Fresh Ground Glitter for Madame?

One day an idea sleeted into my head: Wouldn’t it be great if you could get fresh made glitter, on demand?  I imagined a glitter pepper mill. You could choose fine or large glitter with a simple adjustment and get just the right amount at the right place with just a twist. You could even customize the color and mix of the glitter by adjusting the proto-glitter that it was ground from.

This is, of course, madness. Especially for me, who hasn’t worked with glitter since I was 10. I won’t say I hate glitter, mostly because if I did say it I would make some serious craft-enemies that I can’t really afford… Fortunately my sister Pat (like most of [...]


Cramming: Cardboard Bed Edition

Can your bed do that? There is something Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board/Bed of Needles about this, but it's nonetheless impressive. Imagine moving. You could just toss the whole thing out the window! Four, please. (You need at least four of these so that a few of the 22 friends you invite over can get horizontal.) [via]


Lean Cuisine-A-Day Recap

Salisbury Steak, with Macaroni and Cheese: About as good as it looks. (Bad.)

So I've eaten halfway through my stockpile of Lean Cuisines after stumbling upon a goldmine last week and, well, let's just say I now know why they were on clearance! (Oh gross, buying food on clearance!?) But seriously folks, a lot of this stuff is really not OK as "food". A greasy snack to tide you over? Sure. And there are a few gems, which I'll get to, but first take a look at the following doozies I actually shoved into my face.


Please Send Us Your Photos!

What's the first picture in your phone? We're working on a piece — sponsored by Samsung — for which we're collecting the first photographs in anyone/everyone's current mobile phone, and which will hopefully serve as a little time capsule-type thing. That's it. Might be weird! We'll see. So, if you want to participate (please do!), send the first photograph in your mobile phone's gallery to We'll rely on the honor system that it's actually your first photo. Boring is fine! Boring is great. It'll all be anonymous. We can't run anything inappropriate, and if there are people in it who aren't you, it'd probably be a good [...]


What It's Like to Eat the World's (Possibly) Hottest Pepper

"I love Dachshunds." [via]


Don't Look at Me When I'm Talking to You!

Did you know illusions have names? This one is called "The McGurk Effect", which is better than any we could've come up with.