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Miss Manners the Bouffanted Fairy Godmother

The vintage dumpster-divers at Everything Is Terrible found a 50-minute Miss Manners (a.k.a. Judith Martin) guide to wedding etiquette and excerpted the most useful parts. Parts. Parts.


Barbie Collecting: "Better Than the Stock Market"

Because "when the stock market crashes, what do you have? Nothing." Whereas with Barbie investing, "at least you have your beautiful dolls." A lost gem from the archives, cobbled together by the devoted indoor people over at Everything Is Terrible.


Allow Women Into Your Life

If men are life's desserts, then women are its three white wine spritzers. A masterpiece from the VHS gold-panners Everything Is Terrible.


Actor in Olive Sweater Reaches Memorable Moment in His Career

Yello Dyno protects children from "tricky people," but Reginald Charming — what's his story?



You Are Going to Learn How to Flirt

The gutter-trawlers at Everything Is Terrible found the Steve Brule of seduction.


Feeling Like a Ballerina, Huh, With These Saddlebags, Right? Go

You get a little out of breath doing that, but that's what ballerinas do for these thin thighs.