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Flowers and Champagne: A Party Chat With Party-Thrower Julia Lake

Edith Zimmerman: Julia! You're a professional party planner based in New York, and I happen to have profited from your expertise just last weekend. It was incredible — there were silver punch cups (!) and popcorn in sconces (!?) on the wall, and a trillion gorgeous appetizers, and drinks, and lovely lighting, and everyone looked so nice, and it came together so beautifully, and a wonderful time seemed to be had by all. Very impressive … you jerk. Haha, no, I want to be at parties with you for the rest of time.

Julia Lake: Oh my! Thank you! I tried really hard. Also, one of my secrets is telling [...]


The Poor Man’s Dinner Party (Or, How to Throw an Awesome Potluck)

Have you ever thrown a dinner party? Did it cost a lot? The black market value of your kidney? (You made steak, didn’t you?) Did you totally forget that half your guests were vegetarians, so you ended up spending all that money on a bunch of tofu eaters who only ate the broccolini? Take heart, aspiring entertainer on a budget, there’s hope for you yet!

The potluck — an ancient tradition beloved by book clubs everywhere — is really just a dinner party light. They're perfect for the inexperienced, broke, or lazy entertainer. The concept is simple: Everyone brings food or drink and gathers for communal enjoyment.

Now, to [...]


Cocktails for Cute Friends With Nice Breath

Where booze, tiny houses, and the bold lip collide: "Small-Space Entertaining," Refinery 29's adorable and very candle-y guide for throwing "the Perfect (Tiny) Party."


How to Be the Best House Guest Ever

1. Bring your host something. Ideally something your city/town is known for. Coming from New York? Bring Ess-a bagels. Seattle? Zoka's Sumatra Harimau Tiger coffee. If you visit me from Saint Louis, I want some toasted ravioli from Charlie Gitto’s. I don’t care if it makes your luggage smell like an Italian diner, pack it in Tupperware, because I still want it.

2. Schedule like you’re Anna Wintour’s P.A. Lots of people think vacations mean a complete break from all the planning that goes on during the rest of their lives. And if you stay at a hotel, then yep, it’s the break you deserve! Go ahead [...]


Throw This Party: The Garden Soiree

WOO! It's officially spring! Celebrate the return of sunshine to your life, or, if you always have sunshine in your life, celebrate the fact that you can have outdoor parties in the winter! Haha, silly friends who live in cold places! And what better way to do this than by throwing yourself a Garden Party? Do you have a garden, lawn, porch, or outside area? Perfect! If you have none of those things, throw one in your living room by opening the windows and bringing in some greenery, fresh-cut flowers, and floral prints. Or just head to the park! But I think that might be called a Picnic Party. [...]