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The Irish Exit Chronicles

Uncle Barry's Sports Bar, 2:30 AM

I've been drinking with a bearded guy from Wisconsin all night, maintaining a steady conversation about his humble upbringing on a dairy farm, his work for an international human rights NGO, how much he loves his mother, etc. He pays for a fourth round of drinks, and I decide to ask if he remembers my name. He doesn't, and when he asks whether I remember his, I scream "THAT'S NOT THE POINT!" and sprint to the nearest subway. Poor Alex (Andrew?).

Analysis: I’m an idiot.

Mechanical Bull Place, 12:00 AM

I attend a fancy holiday party with some friends. Afterwards, we go to [...]


Started From the Bottom Now I'm Nemo

A couple of years ago, while I was home for the holidays in Orlando, Disney World held auditions for its "Voyage of the Little Mermaid" show.  I had been settled in New York for a year or so at that point, but the prospect of getting to play Ariel professionally was reason enough to consider moving back to O-town.

I should mention that I’m not a professional actress. I fell in love with musical theater when I was young, I embraced the Rent-and-Wicked-obsessed drama nerd stereotype with open arms in high school and college, but as I approached adulthood, it became increasingly clear that I was marginal [...]


Ask a Psychic

Pat Bruckmann is a professional clairvoyant in Tucson, Arizona whose client list includes celebrities and other psychics. When I met her, I couldn't resist getting a reading, and as someone whose prior experience with psychics consisted solely of $10 readings in dingy storefronts, I must say that the experience was pretty great. Pam told me specific things about my personality that were right on the money. She predicted a few events, one of which has already happened. She advised me to get a Twitter account.

Pat’s office is neat and nondescript. Aside from one small pink crystal on the bookshelf, there are almost no clues as to what [...]


Talking to Peggy Noe Stevens, the World's First Female Bourbon Master Taster

It's Whiskey Wednesday

These days, in the interest of drinking more like a discerning adult and less like the girls from Spring Breakers, I'm cultivating my appreciation for the robust yet affordable Malbec, the post-dinner splash of Fernet. Give me a nice pint over three shots of well tequila any day! Or, most any day.

I've always loved bourbon, but knew I had more to learn. So I consulted Peggy Noe Stevens, the world’s first female master bourbon taster. Stevens earned the title of Master Taster for Woodford Reserve while overseeing guest services at the distillery’s tourist attraction in Versailles, Kentucky. Though [...]