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How to Make Great Gatsby Deviled Eggs

Deviled eggs were apparently big in 1922, so they might make a good addition to any Gatsby-themed parties you're forced to attend or throw. (Searching for "popular in 1922" also brought up this baby-name list, if you're interested, Mildred.)

1. Rub a hard-boiled egg in a mixture of water and green food coloring. 


Sugg-eggs-tions [Sorry Sorry Sorry]

If Easter or any other recent events have left you with an abundance of hard-boiled eggs, Serious Eats has a few ideas about what to do with them. Elsewhere in food-website news, Food52 has gone back to the farm for April Fool's.


Company Eggs, the Very Best Pork Tenderloin Marinade, and Mash

During Jane's recent trip to Utah, she came for brunch (!) and I made Company Eggs and promised I'd share my secret (adhering completely to a very straightforward online recipe involving a lot of butter and eggs and cheese). I've been making Company Eggs for about a year now, and they are a no-fail insta-success, so long as you don't try to get clever and try different kinds of cheese. It'll be fine, but no one will roll their eyes back into their head with ecstasy. "What about some feta?" you're thinking. No. Just Gruyere. Only Gruyere.

Gruyere is kind of a bitch to grate, because it's soft-ish, [...]


How to Make Snowman Deviled Eggs

1. Slice the top and bottom off one hard-boiled egg, horizontally, and the top and bottom off another, vertically, if that makes sense. 


The Spinach-Dill-Walnut-Onion Frittata

My mother-in-law flies in for a visit just once a year, and I'd planned to cook up all sorts of delights for her. For her last night here, I thought I’d make a frittata — and not just any frittata, but an amazing one with leeks and fennel and dill and ahhh it's so good. I’ll share it with you soon, I promise! I often make it when I have guests coming in the springtime and want to make something that I can prepare partially in advance and then throw in the oven at the last minute so that they arrive to a house filled with a beautifully savory-sweet smell.


The Homemade Cadbury Creme Egg

"In my version, the interior is created using a generous amount of butter, Lyle’s golden syrup instead of corn syrup, vanilla bean, salt, and a couple of subtle drops of orange blossom water, which is optional but gives each bite of this homemade version a soft perfume." —Hmm. Ashley Rodriguez creates a monster. Related, old: Deviled Cadbury Creme Eggs.


Checking in With Eggs

More good news for egg fans if not -layers: Eggs are still good for you, and they came first. They also have a Twitter account.


April 16

Cheap blogging trick No. 43jF8p: When in doubt, look up ridiculous national holidays. For instance, today it's National Eggs Benedict Day ("a day to enjoy eggs with hollandaise sauce, canadian bacon and english muffins"), and it's National Stress Awareness Day, too (which falls on the "First Workday After Income Taxes Are Due"). There's probably a way to celebrate the two hand in hand, although "Stress Awareness Day" actually seems a little counter-productive. (Think of all that's going wrong day; list what you're messing up day.) But then it's also One Day Without Shoes day.

Anyway, here's what appears to be a nice Eggs Benedict recipe. Plus they're free [...]


Things to Do Without Hard-Boiled Eggs

"Think of it as an avocado-based Scotch egg." —Done. And if someone in Chicago orders this dish from Gosu in Logan Square tonight, can they please also beam it outward and rain it down over New York? I can wait on the roof until 9 a.m. tomorrow. Thank you!


"Champagne" Deviled Eggs?

1. Well, this one's pretty straightforward. (And if the Calendar Lords are reading, I promise to do better in the coming months; you can have my first-born, regardless.)

2. Cut the top off a hard-boiled egg, pop/crumble-pick the yolk out, and mash it with your mix-ins of choice (here it's mayo, mustard, and a Trader Joe's yogurt dip thing, which was gross, but not inedible [haven't yet found that], and it's just an egg and it's good to experiment? #Yolo –> #Yolk? You Once Live — Know?).

3. So yeah, this one's a little loosey goosey, but then put it in a candlestick that sort of looks [...]