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Dogs, Babies, and the Process of Learning to Generalize

The other day, the baby lurched clumsily across the floor to our large bag of dog food, from which she usually successfully extracts two or three pieces of high-quality low-residue kibble a day. This time, she paused and scrutinized the illustration on the front. She touched it, and said: "dawwwwww?"

Yes! we said. Dawwwwwwg.

She looked confused. Then she walked to the bed and craned her head up until she made eye contact with our actual dog. "Dawwwwwwww?"

Yes! we said. Dawwwwwwg.

And then she went back to the bag, and hugged it. And we were all THIS IS HOW MALCOLM MCDOWELL FELT WHEN HE ENTERED THE NEXUS IN STAR [...]