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The True Cost of "Santa Baby"

The Christmas season is upon us, which means everywhere we go for the next two weeks, we’ll be greeted by a familiar sound: a grown-ass adult using a cloying baby voice to ask Santa for a ludicrous number of gifts.

“Santa Baby,” written by Joan Javits and Philip Springer in 1953, is a Christmas novelty song about a sexy singer (usually a woman but not always) with a whopping Christmas list. One of only a handful of hit Christmas songs written by women, it was made famous by Eartha Kitt but just about everyone with the holiday spirit—from Madonna to Miss Piggy, Taylor Swift to [...]


Your New Favorite Old Songs

While I devour a lot of different types of music (complicated feelings about Lana Del Rey, anyone?), my heart has always rested with the oldies. I remember lying in bed at night as a preteen, listening to the oldies station and trying to force myself to stay awake so I could hear one. more. song. I was obsessed with the idea of becoming a sock-hopping, sick-in-love teenager. Now, thanks to YouTube, I can time-travel and share with you some of the best old jams you've never heard.

"7 a.m." by Jacqueline Taieb (1966)

Jacqueline was a teenage “yé-yé girl,” which was the 1960s French version of “twee as hell.” [...]