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Your Clitoris Is the Size of a 'Medium Zucchini,' and Other Vagina Facts You Didn't Know

Here’s a biology pop quiz question. What is the average size of a clitoris in a human female?

A. the size of a chickpea

B. the size of a mini pickle

C. the size of a medium zucchini.

Unless you’ve been paying particularly close attention to the gynecological literature, you’re probably not going to say C. And yet that is the correct answer. Sure, the externally visible part of the clitoris is puny, but that is literally the tip of an iceberg that extends deep beneath the pubis, five inches down either wall of the vagina, consists of six separate parts, and carries more nerve endings than the [...]


The First TV Interview With Those Royal Kids

"We're er, like, sort of, ducks. We're sort of very calm on the surface but little—little feet going under the water."


Kahlúa Gingerbread … Gingerbread

I know. It's obvious. But it's holiday time, and I wanted to decorate some cookies. And I have to say, if you decide to get one egregiously holiday-themed product this year, this is not a bad one to choose (especially compared to Pringles Peppermint or whatever). Straight, it tastes a bit like sweet coffee made with ashes, but mix in some hot milk and by golly you got a nog goin'!

Plus, of all the ridiculous liquors I've gotten, this one seems to make the most sense, baking-wise. Why bother with nutmeg and cinnamon and actual ginger when you can just use a dollop of Kahlúa Gingerbread? Cut your prep [...]


We All Have an Aflac Duck Within Us

When you get the chance to make duck sounds into a microphone, you do it — no questions asked. Don't even ask questions like, "But I can't really do a good impression of a duck, should I still audition to be the Aflac duck?" Just show up no matter what and give it your all.

(Award for "best duck with a midwestern accent" goes to the guy at the 0:17 mark. The last guy wins for "duck you most want to hug.")