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"You can't save your face and your ass at the same time": A Status Update, I'm Sober Interview with Melanie

In this interview series, recovering addicts speak about the ways in which they have used social media as a tool in recovery. This month’s interview is with “Melanie,” a 28-year-old writer and teacher, who chose to use a pseudonym for our interview. Melanie was an early adopter of the #xa and #recovery hashtags in 2009, connecting with a sober network through an anonymous handle. Our conversation explored the challenges of sharing in early sobriety, non-alcoholics tweeting about Drynuary and being “out” as sober in academia.

How are you doing? Good! Thanks for doing the series. It’s just so nice to see people talking about sober issues in a public [...]


Janopause vs. Drynuary

If you're looking for a reason to bail on your plans for an alcohol-free January, the Daily Mail is dependably right there with you, murmuring about liver health. (The British Liver Trust is, too, if you'd prefer a more-reliable source.) The Mail does appear to have coined the term "Janopause," however, which must have been a fun editorial meeting, while "Drynuary" is more popular ("popular") in America — although "Can we find a better word for it?" asks Jolie Kerr. "'Drynuary' sounds like a vaginal affliction, and frankly things are hard enough, you know?" I know.


Drynuary Halfpoint Check-In

John, how's it going? Are there any questions that came up in the comments of the first Drynuary post that you'd like to address?

John Ore: Fourteen days (and two weekends of NFL playoffs and Downton Abbey) in, it's going swimmingly. The odd bump in the road (more on that later), but still riding high and mighty and dry.

Our first Drynaury chat reminded me that, while I'm old hat at this, we're welcoming more newcomers into the fold each year. And that perhaps begs a quick review:

1) It's called "Drynuary." Say it quickly, it sounds sort of like "January." Some folks out there hate the name. [...]


Drynuary: What and Why

Edith Zimmerman: John Ore, Drynuary leader and expert, let's talk about Drynuary. Which, for the unfamiliar, is not-drinking for the month of January. Although everything besides booze is fair game, right?

John Ore: Correct. Drynuary centers on booze-fasting, so other vices are certainly fair game during the month. Although I've heard of folks using Drynuary to abstain from other things, like smoking the reefer. But I feel like you need to tailor the nomenclature if you're going to do that. "Drynuary" has a connotation that's very specific to booze.

Participating in Drynuary last year helped me make my brilliant decision to become a smoker. So if you're easily tempted [...]