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Sangria Recipes for a Sweaty Summer

Summer is not a time to fuss. It is not the time to throw a party and spend the whole time sweating through your new sundress because you’re hand-muddling everyone’s organic mango mojitos.

Sangria is the perfect solution—it can be made ahead of time in large quantities and actually tastes better as it sits. No babysitting required! It’s also a good way to showcase seasonal fruit, which conveniently covers up any shortcomings of the cheap wine you bought to make it. I mean, don’t buy Franzia chillable red in a box, but there’s no reason to go crazy with something people will likely end up drinking out of plastic cups.


This Is Sober Sex

It was the night of my sister Kelly's 30th birthday party, and I was anxious. We’d encouraged guests to come in costume to fit the 1920s theme, and before anyone showed up, I helped my sister into the incredible flapper dress she’d found, beige with sheer paneling and sequins in all the right places. She set her black bob-cut wig and sparkling headband in place, swiped a bold rose color across her lips. I wanted Kelly to love the way she looked, because it was her party, but secretly all I could think about was if I’d look better: he was coming.

We'd been having sexless sleepovers for a [...]


Drynuary: What and Why

Edith Zimmerman: John Ore, Drynuary leader and expert, let's talk about Drynuary. Which, for the unfamiliar, is not-drinking for the month of January. Although everything besides booze is fair game, right?

John Ore: Correct. Drynuary centers on booze-fasting, so other vices are certainly fair game during the month. Although I've heard of folks using Drynuary to abstain from other things, like smoking the reefer. But I feel like you need to tailor the nomenclature if you're going to do that. "Drynuary" has a connotation that's very specific to booze.

Participating in Drynuary last year helped me make my brilliant decision to become a smoker. So if you're easily tempted [...]


"Yep, it's… it's wine."

Mmm, right?


The Cider Report

Throughout human history we have wrestled with the great mysteries. “Who shot J.R.?” No one ever found out. “Where’s the beef?” Exactly. Where was the beef? No one knew. But arguably the greatest mystery of human existence has always been, “How do we get alcohol to taste better?” It’s fun to drink, but the taste can be all very acquired. They make vodka taste like supermodel kisses. And yet still somehow underneath you can always taste the bitterness of the alcohol. The stiffness of the drink. The more dangerous the drink the tastier it is. And now Hard Cider is having a moment. With beer sales flat, why not [...]


Drinking Up and Sitting Down With the Men's Men at the Nashville Whiskey Festival

This is the first installment in a series about women and whiskey. 

As soon as I enter the Nashville Whiskey Festival, I start looking for a way out. I'm already dehydrated and surly—my walk here ended up taking a half hour longer than I thought it would, and involved clambering under a highway, over train tracks, and through a neighborhood of barbed wire fences and flickering-light warehouses. All I want to do is sit down, chug some water, and plan out my next 10 drinks.

Instead, I enter a loud, narrow room, lined with tables on the perimeter. I find a palette of bottled water and snag one—they're tucked [...]


Okay, Beer Pong. Maybe.

Here are some drinking games you could play if you want to ruin watching the presidential debate tonight: this one, this one, this one, this one, and this one. But don't. Drinking games are not awesome. You know what's awesome? Enjoying a beer at your own pace, or not at all. Freedom. America. Full circle. Get out the vote.


The Best (and Worst and Last) Time I Went To a Sorority Party

In the fall of 1997 I arrived to New York University as a college freshman with two priorities. The first: to waste my parents’ money on a theater education. The second: to get drunk.

I accomplished both my goals, although in different ways and for different lengths of time. Which is to say: I wasted that money over the span of four years, but got drunk only once.

•••I never had an alcoholic drink all throughout high school, and that was owed to both (a) a lack of social invitations, and (b) a fear of projectile vomit. While there was an extent to which this disappointed me about myself, there [...]


The Cheap Wine Report

When I quit drinking over 10 years ago it was with the stated goal of “making new mistakes” instead of “making the same mistake over and over.” The same mistake over and over was mostly Pabst Blue Ribbon and Bushmill’s, and now that I am over six months into my relapse I can state definitively that I have not made that mistake again. Most beers just taste gross to me. I’d like to think that my tastes have matured, but really no part of me has ever really gotten better at anything. My friend Will considers most of the current beers to be based on some kind of notion that [...]


The Best Time I Quit Drinking

I was sitting in a cafe the other day drinking tea and watching a woman sip a glass of wine. I wasn’t fully boring-holes-into-her-head watching her, of course, but working on my computer and dividing my attention among a project, two e-mail inboxes, iTunes, cute dogs trotting past, and this woman holding a glass of white wine and talking to her friend. I must have glanced over a dozen times to see the glass still held aloft and half-full, as if she had forgotten it was in her hand. My god, had she forgotten? What was wrong with this woman? Could the conversation be that interesting?

It’s at moments [...]