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15 Lesser-Known Things To Say To A Dress

1. “Can I put jeans under you?”

2. “How come I can’t be the ring bearer?”

3. “Why don’t you have any pockets?”

4. “I look like when people clothe their pets.”

5. “Of course, my legs feel pleasantly unfettered—which is really just one more cruel betrayal. Stop trying to worm your way into my heart, you silky sonofabitch. Everything about this feels forced and unnatural. But perhaps that’s the idea—maybe the secret no one tells is that you have to force yourself. Maybe I can learn to love you?”

6. “You were the wrong thing to wear to the first day of junior high.”

7. “Every shimmer, every time [...]


The Lost Art of Dress: A Conversation with Historian Linda Przybyszewski

In The Lost Art of Dress, historian and dressmaker Linda Przybyszewski explores how American women's fashion went from floor-length dresses to bloomers to shirtwaist dresses to, yes, flour sack dresses. Before ready-to-wear and before fast fashion, American women created affordable clothing for themselves and their families with help from the Dress Doctors—the thrift experts, home economics professors, and fashion guide authors who advised women how to craft the most appropriate looks for less. Style changed with every step forward for women: gaining the vote, entering the world of work, heading academic departments. Recently, Przybyszewski and I talked about the evolution of American style, the fraught subject of home [...]


Dresses Considered by Scarlett O'Hara for the Twelve Oaks Barbecue

The troublesome question was: what dress should she wear to the barbecue? What dress would best set off her charms and make her most irresistible to Ashley? Since eight o'clock she had been trying on and rejecting dresses, and now she stood dejected and irritable in lace pantalets, linen corset cover and three billowing lace and linen petticoats. Discarded garments lay about her on the floor, the bed, the chairs, in bright heaps of color and straying ribbons.

The dress: "the rose organdy with long pink sash"

Pros: "becoming"

Cons: "she had worn it last summer when Melanie visited Twelve Oaks"

Jealousy factor: "[Melanie] [...]


Name That Bride

A. “A suit of midnight blue with a matching hat trimmed with leather ribbons and buckles [and] a bouquet of orchids and small white flowers.”

B. In the bride’s words: “I was wearing my aunt’s dress and my mother’s shoes. The dress hung down below my knees. I had to be the ugliest bride you ever saw.”

C. “A short white silk dress [the bride] had bought at Ransohoff’s in San Francisco on the day John Kennedy was killed.”

D. “A ‘princess-style’ light pink satin gown with leg-o-mutton sleeves, a lace-covered bodice and cuffs covered with hand-sewn pearls, sequins and crystal beads” that “was stolen … before it was to [...]


The Perfect Summer Dress

Not that one, the other one. The one made of marble. More of these on sculptor Alasdair Thomson's website and Instagram.


Every Dress Worn by Best Actress Oscar Winners, 1929-Present


Laura Mvula, "That's Alright"

This is a little late, but in case you missed it, here's a song and video from rising British soul musician Laura Mvula, who also has an excellent new[ish] album out: Sing to the Moon. Need that red dress.

Laura Mvula is currently on tour. Go see her! Or listen to her on NPR. Definitely watch her other videos.


What I’ve Learned About the Weddings I Remembered

In April of 2012, Edith published an essay I’d written, “All the Weddings I Have Ever Been to, as I Remember Them,” about, well, precisely that, here on The Hairpin. I’d written the essay the previous fall as a kind of memory exercise related to the big moments in our lives, specifically, weddings—What did I wear? Who did I bring? What did I give? What happened? —and also as a structural way of thinking about the many weddings we inevitably go to in life and what they mean to us depending on our different life stages and circumstances. When I wrote it, I did have a foggy idea [...]


Realistic ModCloth Descriptions

As a high school sophomore, you’re constantly on the go from flute practice to doing homework to doing more homework. The Cute Baseball Player Finally Fingered Me dress will take you everywhere you need to go and help you remember that anticlimactic night in his older brother’s ’86 Mazda. Pair it with a silver headband and a shiny new pair of fingernail clippers! - $149.99

Flowers sometimes smell like shit, but let’s be honest, so do you when the President’s Physical Fitness Test falls on the heaviest day of your period. The Mum’s the Word dress, with its abstract, blotchy, out-of-focus red designs, is perfect for those days you forget tampons. [...]


"The Red Carpet Project"

Here is a new game where you endlessly sort 478 Oscar outfits by celebrity, color, designer, and style, but not price.

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