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Stress Dreams, Ranked

1. Lost on the New York subway; late to meet a friend; the subway opens up inside a gym where a former co-worker is stationed behind the receptionist desk with the biggest, most sinister smile on her face.

2. Lost in an unfamiliar neighborhood of New York; pouring rain; what I thought was an umbrella turns out to be a very thick copy of Women's Health magazine, torn to shreds.


My Ideal Weddings, By Age

My ideal wedding, age 6: The ringbearer is a puppy, the cake is chocolate. The wedding is held in a beautiful old church because beautiful old churches are where all people get married—even Jews from New Jersey.

My ideal wedding, age 9: Basically, it’s The Princess Bride but starring Michael J. Fox as Westley, me as Buttercup. And plenty of unpoisoned wine at a mostly traditional feast, except that there’ll be a whole lot of chicken fingers.

My ideal wedding, age 12: Themed weddings can be quite fun and unique. My wedding will be Broadway musical-themed, just like my bat mitzvah. My future husband will rescue me from some ogre [...]


My Dream Honeymoon

"A newly-wed couple were stranded on a remote island three miles from the mainland when a giant bull seal climbed into their inflatable dinghy and refused to budge for four days." [Telegraph]


Celebrity Dream Journals


Dream date: Feb. 23, 2013

Dream: There’s a stage, lit in blue and slowly revolving above a multitude of smiling angels. There’s a piano, and I’m suddenly beside it. A song finds its way into my throat, and as I wail, I stare down at the angels’ faces. One of them beams up at me. She looks like Gwyneth Paltrow, but sleek and pale and small. Hi, Gwyneth! Diamonds glitter on my neck and my hand lifts itself, queen-like. Me, just a poor West London gal with a broken heart, waving and singing to a crowd of clamoring angels?

Analysis: “Adele, I think that was the Oscars.”



A to Z: Cute Animal Videos I'm Still Waiting On

Alpacas: Eating stacks of Fig Newtons that equal them in height.

Boa constrictor: That ginormous snake that can open doors can tip off a gigantic falling domino course.

Capybaras: This requires two capybaras—a big one to be dressed as a nurse, and a little one to be dressed as a Victorian baby being pushed by the other in an enormous perambulator.

Dolphins: Redo that Qream qommercial, but replace every human in it with a dolphin.

Elephants: Splashing around in an immense pond that has been filled with Nutella. Can you imagine the delight?

Flapjack octopus: Put a bunch into a tub, along with a very fat human baby [...]


Happy Birthday, Roberto Bolano

Roberto Bolaño was born today in 1953, and I'm rereading this little excerpt from A Public Space's Fall 2011 issue, in which Bolaño takes stock of his dreams:

28. I dreamt I was sixteen and Martín Adán was giving me piano lessons. The old man’s fingers, long as the Amazing Rubber Man’s, plunged through the floor and played a chain of underground volcanoes.

29. I dreamt I was translating Virgil with a stone. I was naked on a big basaltic flagstone and the sun, as fighter pilots say, hovered dangerously at five o’clock.

30. I dreamt I was dying on an African terrace and a poet named Paulin Joachim [...]


A Great and Hard-to-Google Song: Wet, "Dreams"

I've been messing with Wet for a second now (see also: "No Lie," "Don't Wanna Be Your Girl") but I keep coming back to them; their music is simple and full of space, but also has this beautiful, dark-spangled, streetwise quality that expands each song upon repeat listening. I'm feeling a Rilo Kiley/Rhye vibe on this one, and if you like it, they just released a $4 EP.


The Best Time Minnie Mouse, My Hero, Took Off Her Head and Projectile Vomited At Me

Minnie Mouse is the spokesperson of domestic goddesses everywhere. Minnie Mouse keeps her house cute all the time. Minnie Mouse’s relationship with Mickey inspired my dreams of love. Minnie Mouse’s polka-dot dress summed up all that I hoped the future held for me.

When I was six, and my parents told me that we were going to Disneyland, I felt sure that this was my moment to blossom. Growing up I was hopelessly odd: I preferred to be called “Chest”; a turkey that police named “Rambo” attacked me; I permed my bowl cut. Disneyland was my chance to meet my idol, who I knew would make me feel cool.

I [...]


Teeth Dreams

A list of every way I’ve dreamed about my teeth falling out.

I open my mouth. All of my teeth fall out at once. Dream ends.

My teeth crumble, like ancient ruins inside of my mouth. They become dust in my hands and my salty tears mix with the teeth dust. I scatter this mixture onto the ground.

I go about a typical day, running errands, eating tacos. All the while, my teeth are falling out, scattering throughout this dream location. Tacos are always included and I never seem to notice, or care, that my teeth are missing.

One tooth falls into the mouth of some faceless, but still attractive [...]


Celebrity Dream Journals: Drake, Floating in the Clouds With Drakes


Dream date: One of those days you try and forget about.

Dream: I’m staring at myself. So many Mes. I guess it gets weird, waking up in a dream surrounded by yourself, but whatever. The Mes don’t care. They’re floating in clouds. Two of the clouds are shaped like feelings. I make eye contact with one young me, the kid with the 'fro pick who I think is dancing but dunno for sure because the people in my dreams are usually dancing. Check that pout. We talked but didn't use our mouths. He cried—but I've cried, I told him, and we were in the clouds so the water wouldn't even go [...]