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The Best Renditions of "American Gothic" by Spanish Teenagers

I work in a high school just outside Madrid. When I realized that my students couldn't name a single American artist, I decided to give them a crash course in the biggies. (I've never been a huge Rothko fan, but let me tell you, I started to come around in the process of explaining to a room of sullen teens why he matters. I ended up closing my eyes and grabbing at my heart a lot, and I definitely said at one point: "Being surrounded by his paintings is like reading a poem." What??? They weren't convinced.)

I ended the class with an activity in which I described paintings that [...]


Famous Logos Drawn From Memory

Hairpin buddy (Hairpinpal?) Katie Bakes draws our attention to this awesome collection of … famous logos drawn from memory. Exactly what the title of this post says. I'm doing great; today is going well.


Hand-Drawn Erotic Photo Hunt

So, this is a little crazy, but have you ever played Erotic Photo Hunt in a bar? You know, that awesome game where a bunch of drunk buddies hover around a computer-type thing and touch the screen to identify all the differences between a picture of a "sensual" woman lounging in a hotel room and a picture of the exact same "sensual" woman lounging in the exact same hotel room, except in the photo on the right her strap is off, the curtain has only three folds, and the glass of water is half empty, etc.? Well, we thought it would be funny to get a few of our [...]


Boy With Cancer Sells Awesome Pictures of Monsters

Aidan has leukemia and also makes amazing drawings.