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Lawyer's Husband Shamelessly Panders To In-Laws

Have you ever seen that episode of 30 Rock where Alec Baldwin is dating Selma Hayek, and her grandmother is obsessed with this Spanish soap opera, and the villain is played by someone who looks exactly like Alec Baldwin and so the grandmother hates Alec Baldwin, and then Alec Baldwin conspires with the actor to make the character nicer so that the grandmother will love them both? All of this stuff with George Clooney on Downton Abbey reminds me of that for absolutely no logical, factual reason rooted in anything even close to reality; it's just funny to think of him being like, "Hmm, you [...]


New Season of Downton Abbey to Include New “Risqué” Edith and a Cameo by Virginia Woolf

Via Vulture, some intriguing hints about the fourth season of Downton Abbey up at the Telegraph:

Lady Edith, who took the role of resentful middle sister until the death of Lady Sybil in childbirth in the last series, will be seen venturing into a “bohemian lifestyle” and experiencing the “thrill of rebellion." New images, taken from the first episode of the show, see her embracing lover Michael Gregson, in the hopes he will divorce his wife and allow her to “hang out with artists and write” instead of living “under a pall” at Downton.

One scene, in which she attends a party with the Bloomsbury [...]


This Article About Thomas Barrow Is Bananas

No, right, it's GREAT, just bananas (and spoiler-y for the last season, but not the season finale itself, if you somehow magically fit into that category?) It's longer than the average undergraduate thesis, is a classic "he wrote breathlessly," and if all you really want from the internet is for someone who writes well to spend way too much mental energy meditating on a TV show you're into, a good month after it wraps for another year, this is your lucky day:

Thomas’s hopes were nudged along by Miss O’Brien, the lady’s maid who defies all efforts to motivate her malevolence, although one reason might be a hairdo that [...]


How to Talk to Women

Last week, at an annual issues conference in Virginia, House Republicans held a panel called “Successful Communication with Women and Minorities,” moderated by former 'Real World'-er Rachel Campos-Duffy. Here, a lady-script for both Democrats and Republicans.

Hey girl, what's up?

Did you see Downton Abbey last night?

Matthew looks so weird this season. I know — poor Edith.

Ugh, my legs are so sore from spinning.

It's, like, $35 a class. Super expensive. That's why [D: it's cool that taxes rates are staying low/R: it sucks that the government is taking all our money].

I like your bangs, but I think my face is too round. What do you [...]


As If Lady Edith Didn't Have It Rough Enough

Oh dear. Someone left a waterbottle in this press photo from

— Darren Bell (@darren_bell) August 14, 2014

"Papa, one of the PA's left a water bottle in our press photo! This kind of thing never happens to Mary!!" [via @darren_bellABC News]


'Downton Abbey,' Lord Wolcott Edition

"Here we go, indeed." Diddy's turns on Downton. Poor Lady Edith.


The Edwardian Sex-Pest

"I’m messing up people’s lives. There was this punter who came up to me on the tube and goes, “Listen, mate, I don’t normally watch period drama.” That’s how it always starts, and the next line is, “my missus watches it.” And then the third is, “but I’ve actually started liking it. You f**king the man, man. Last night, the tears…” and then he just walks off! And you think, This is what I do it for." Rob James-Collier on being the man you love to [something]. And, of course, you've seen The Picture by now, right? Someone should write a dissertation on how perfectly rumpled and pleasant-looking [...]


The Real Fantasy of Downton Abbey

Warning: light spoilers.

Bitching about Downton Abbey has become a new cultural pastime: It’s horrible, it’s melodramatic, Julian Fellowes is a hack, if they kill one more person I’m quitting for good…..

….and yet we don’t. It’s like the Valentine’s Day candy corn I’ve been devouring for the past week: so cute, so sweet, so makes me want to barf. But I can’t resist! Here I am, even paying for episodes so that I can watch at the gym, even though they’re available on public television. Usually, we watch a show once it’s gone bad for one of three overarching reasons:

1) Emotional investment in the storyline;


2) [...]


Downton Abbey "Season Four, Episode One," The Musical


[Thanks, Sarah!]

(Some spoilers if you haven't seen the show.)


Last Night's 'Downton'

We haven't been publicly following the third season of Downton Abbey as it airs in the US, but in case anyone wants to discuss the most recent episode … it wasn't cheery!