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Ukrainian Barbie Flu

"It seems to have been triggered by 21-year-old Valeriya Lukyanova, who made international headlines back in April for turning herself into a living Barbie with the help of plastic surgery, eyelash extensions, colored contact lenses, and styling. Her heavily exaggerated proportions — 34-inch bust, 18-inch waist, 34-inch hips — come pretty close to what real-life Barbie's would be."


Ravens, Witches, and Swimming Pools

One team wore bathing suits decorated with a picture of what appeared to be an owl dressed in a tuxedo. Another began its routine with the athletes lying, inert, by the side of the pool. And in an homage to the Mexican artist Frida Kahlo, a third team, the synchronized swimming duet from Italy, tried to imagine how it might look to descend into madness while performing intricate leg maneuvers upside down in an Olympic swimming pool. “We imagine there is a mirror, and she is getting ready, and then she goes crazy."

In case you missed it on TV, here's a wonderful recap of yesterday's women's synchronized [...]


The Marriage Was Built to Last But the Bondage Chamber Was Built at 1:12 Scale

"For some, a doll's house is no mere plaything but a way to create their fantasy home. Even if that means building a tiny bondage room." Truer words.


Doll News

Doll news.


Doll, Mortality Reminder, or Classroom Helper?

What were these mysterious vintage wax anatomical models from the early 1800s for? There's frustratingly little information available online about their size, but here are more pictures of her, and of him, from the Science Museum of London's "Brought to Life" website, which is about the history of medicine, and which is very neat.


Beautiful Monsters

Oh, they grow up so fast. One minute they don't even have opening credits for their YouTube videos and the next minute they're "going crazy" building monster dolls. And how about some words to live by? "If I was a monster… I would love to be a monster." Hopefully it'll be a few years before she advance to monster doll you-know-whats.


The Nutcracker Woman

Here's a small picture of Jennifer Rubell's sculpture series "Nutcrackers," and there's a lightly NSFW video of the nutcrackers in action after the jump.

More photos are here.

These nutcrackers are, like in the ballet, also a bit like a little girl's dream come to life. They remind me of Suzanne. I think I already wrote about Suzanne. Suzanne was a mannequin that I got for Christmas one year because I wanted a big doll. She was really frightening in the end. 


Meet Desperate Debra

For the girl who already has Chatty Cathy and Polly Pocket, consider Desperate Debra, the C-section stimulating model. No, she's actually an invaluable tool for doctors in training, but the footage is just a little startling. So much rooting!


The Forest Dolls of Hillsborough, New Hampshire

My mom’s boyfriend recently got a $30K lawsuit settlement, and with it he bought a truck. He had lots of money left over, though, and because my mom really likes dolls (she had American Girl ones when she was little, and when her grandma left her a bunch of clown dolls when she died), when they went up to Hillsborough, NH, to drop off my uncle (who was visiting), they went around to several different yard sales in the area buying dolls. When she went about putting them in the back of the truck to take them all home, though, she forgot to put the trailer hitch up, and while [...]


The Weekend in Doll-Head News

On Gizmodo, Mike Senese made extraordinary Ice Cubes Shaped Like Tiny Baby Heads, and in the Bronx I found these doll-head wine goblets (no, they are planters) at a botanic-garden gift shop.

Plus, since that joke is likely on its last legs or has in fact been sitting down for months (as we all have been), here's a bonus guide to making voodoo dolls, from the New Orleans Voodoo Museum