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Space Mannequin Filled With Blood and Mice

("Merry Christmas, I hope you like it.")

More info here.


The Personalized Party Piñata

"Let me make a custom piñata for your next birthday party, corporate event, divorce &c. Finest quality papier-mâché piñatas made of any image and filled with treats and surprises of your choice. Popular picks include you, the client, current and ex-lovers, best friends, and all kinds of mammals." —Among other things, artist Jing Yu can make anything into a piñata, for $250 and up. Her website has more information, as well as interesting videos of her creations in action. Self-piñata?



Ukrainian Barbie Flu

"It seems to have been triggered by 21-year-old Valeriya Lukyanova, who made international headlines back in April for turning herself into a living Barbie with the help of plastic surgery, eyelash extensions, colored contact lenses, and styling. Her heavily exaggerated proportions — 34-inch bust, 18-inch waist, 34-inch hips — come pretty close to what real-life Barbie's would be."


Ravens, Witches, and Swimming Pools

One team wore bathing suits decorated with a picture of what appeared to be an owl dressed in a tuxedo. Another began its routine with the athletes lying, inert, by the side of the pool. And in an homage to the Mexican artist Frida Kahlo, a third team, the synchronized swimming duet from Italy, tried to imagine how it might look to descend into madness while performing intricate leg maneuvers upside down in an Olympic swimming pool. “We imagine there is a mirror, and she is getting ready, and then she goes crazy."

In case you missed it on TV, here's a wonderful recap of yesterday's women's synchronized [...]


More Lego Friend Scenarios

Lego introduced a new line specifically for girls, Lego Friends, last year. The line features a “Rehearsal Stage,” a “Summer Riding Camp,” and a “Cat’s Playground,” among other female-friendly scenarios, and no one actually thought it would sell. But last week, Lego announced that “Lego Friends had become the company’s fourth-bestselling line in only its first year (behind Star Wars, Ninjago, and Lego CITY, and surpassing superheroes), helping the company record the best financial results in its 81-year history.” Here are some ideas for future brand expansions.  

- A pink ice skating rink.

- An art class studio, with mini easels and paintbrushes.

- A soccer field, [...]


Texts From the American Girls

nellie  nellie why didnt u come to the hedge today to the lessons hedge )for lessons) I'm sorry, Miss Parkington I wasn't able to get away in time and i was going to teach you more lessons  is this about my birthday party  are u mad at me no – Samantha - because i told you  its not that youre not my friend  you are my friend  I'm glad to be your friend u are just more of my FACTORY friend  and not really  my "birthday party" friend I understand guess how many kinds of ice cream we had  I don't know haha there are only three kinds of ice [...]


Doll, Mortality Reminder, or Classroom Helper?

What were these mysterious vintage wax anatomical models from the early 1800s for? There's frustratingly little information available online about their size, but here are more pictures of her, and of him, from the Science Museum of London's "Brought to Life" website, which is about the history of medicine, and which is very neat.


Pregnant Barbie's Ancient Sister

"These manikins, between 6 to 7 inches in length, were made from solid pieces of ivory. The arms were carved separately and are moveable. The thoracic and abdominal walls can be removed, revealing the viscera."

Previously, previously.


Today's Toy Lunch

Last night while flipping through a friend's copy of the American Girl catalog, I was surprised to find that in addition to its usual updates (omg who's that? are those Uggs?? is that headgear???) the company is also now offering an accessory called the Allergy-Free Lunch. Which is a little vague but seems to cover peanut, egg, shellfish, and gluten allergies, although it's not entirely clear what's on the "sandwich skewers." Chicken? Tofu?

The complete Allergy-Free Lunch comes with food — a "pretend berry smoothie, container of vegetables," and the above-mentioned skewers (better pics here) — as well as "a medical bracelet and allergy stickers to [...]


Meet Desperate Debra

For the girl who already has Chatty Cathy and Polly Pocket, consider Desperate Debra, the C-section stimulating model. No, she's actually an invaluable tool for doctors in training, but the footage is just a little startling. So much rooting!