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The Story of Menstruation, as told by Disney

"But don't let it get you down. After all, no matter how you feel, you have to live with people. You have to live with yourself, too!"

That was advice on dealing with cramps, but also can be applied to life, you know?

[Mental Floss]


What Is Evil About This?

Julia Roberts is supposedly playing the evil Queen in a new Snow White movie but they didn't give her the right outfit or face, right? She looks very nice. A bit lazy, sure, but really nice aside from that. In fact, I'm already getting her Queen mixed up with her Stepmom. Yes, one bushel of apples, please!


A Good Tween Star Is Hard to Find

"[T]he manufacture of child stars is not as easy as it used to be. There was a time when all it took was a perky personality, a little talent and a slot on the Mickey Mouse Club. Now child stars have to anchor TV series and movie spinoffs, churn out hit songs, write books and headline global concert tours — when they’re not introducing their signature line of clothing at Wal-Mart." —Oh brother. Disney's Tween Machine is whirring away, frantically trying to mold new stars to replace aging models like Miley Cyrus.


Being Maleficent

We were a motley band of homeschoolers, playing on a sunny back porch while our mothers had a Bible study inside. We had been warned against coming in and interrupting, so we scuffed our Keds against the floor boards and broke sticks into little logs. Most of the girls wore ankle-length skirts or jumpers. They all had long hair, except me. I had mine cut short because I wouldn’t let my mom brush it, and she wanted it out of my face.

One of the older girls, her hair pulled up in a large bow that matched the trimming on her socks, glanced over us. “Let’s put on a [...]


"Seven Little Men Help a Girl" and Other Classic Disney Films

So you're an animator filled with fury that your movie got renamed. Do you complain bitterly to your spouse for weeks, or do you write a hilarious letter?


Stay Away, Adult Women

I did make my own princess, but you may value your time.


Elsa’s Coming Out Party

In a world of pretentious dude film critics, Dana Stevens stands out as an acute observer and an approachable intellectual with a sense of humor, and we are grateful for her for all she does. But every once in a while a reader has to say, “WTF?” As in, “WTF? Dana Stevens hates movie makeovers?”

In discussing Frozen, about which she is generally positive, Stevens expressed dismay about the Oscar-nominated power ballad “Let It Go,” during which Elsa transforms from Disgraced Princess to Ice Queen:

“That perfect girl is gone,” she declares as she ditches her old look (a modest dark-green dress and purple cloak, hair [...]


Pogo's Lovely New Disney Remix

Are you familiar with Pogo, a.k.a. Nick Bertke? He's the guy who chops up clips from old movies and then braids them back together into swishy, dreamy new music videos. (His greatest creation might be Alice.) You can also download his music as MP3s for whatever price you'd like.