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Ask a Jeweler: A Buyer’s Guide to Diamonds

This is the second installment in a series about diamonds. For part one, click here.

As you can see by Marilyn’s facial expression, buying a diamond is equal parts exciting and confusing. I’ve tried to answer some FAQs to help you get the best diamond for your hard-earned money.

How is the quality of a diamond determined? How do these factors affect price?

The price of a diamond is directly related to its rarity. The more difficult it is to find and manufacture a particular diamond, the more expensive the diamond will be. A stone’s rarity is majorly determined by its carat weight, color, clarity and cut, otherwise [...]


You Can Give ME All Your Diamonds, Though!

Once upon a time there was an amazing article about diamonds (which is also here), although now you don't even have to read it anymore.

Elsewhere in diamonds: … "secrets" … "cursed" … "stolen" … "lead" … "crown" …


Today's Forecast for Jupiter and Saturn: A Furious Rain of Molten Diamonds

Scientists have long postulated that diamond rain — or even liquid diamond seas – may be present on Neptune and Uranus. But, they were hesitant to say the same for Jupiter and Saturn, since, comparatively, the gas planets have a smaller proportion of methane and lower temperatures.

Go on, HuffPo:

[But], as the researchers explain in a study, high pressure within the massive planets' atmospheres could potentially turn carbon into diamond. Carbon soot particles, freed from methane particles in the two planets' upper atmosphere, would fall through heavy layers of hydrogen and helium toward the cores. On the way down, this carbon soot [...]


The Slow Death of the Diamond Engagement Ring

Why do men buy diamond rings for our fiancées? There's the emotional story. We enjoy making grand gestures of commitment to the people we love. Behind that, there's the marketing story. DeBeers' historic ad campaign, crafted by the real-life mad men at N.W. Ayers, convinced generations of lovers that diamond bands were synonymous with eternal devotion. But behind that, there is economic story that is just as important and fascinating.

It is really interesting, if you aren't already familiar with the "Breach of Promise to Marry" laws and the social/economic fallout after their eventual dissolution. (Also, any excuse to link to "Have You Ever Tried to Sell a [...]


Ask a Jeweler: A Beginner’s Guide to Diamonds, Part I

We've looked at pearls; now it's time for diamonds. Let's do this.


In the center of tectonic plates are places that remain still and stable as thinner edges of the earth’s crust stretch and swirl around them. These places are called cratons, and they extend hundreds of miles below the surface, ancient bedrock as reliable as Atlas, pushing into the dense mantle that surrounds the core. If you were a mole person, capable of tunneling about 100 miles down into one of these cratons, and you lived sometime between 1 billion and 3.3 billion years ago, you might notice that the temperature and the pressure was just [...]


The Penguins of Antarctica Are Keepers of an Ancient Diamond Hoard

That is the most logical conclusion I can draw from this BBC story, in which the top photo functions, I assume, as a very important clue.


Diamonds for Lunch

Her main account would be De Beers. For the next 25 years, she wrote all of the company’s ads.

An abridged version of how they tricked us into buying so many diamonds. (I guess this comes up every six months or so around here.)

Somewhat relatedly: Tiffany & Co. has a Tumblr. ("A rare green diamond emerges from tiered white diamonds like a cool summer breeze.")


"Furler wrote Rihanna's 'Diamonds' in 14 minutes"

The New York Times Magazine profiled Sia Furler, the brilliant and press-averse singer/songwriter who last year appeared on the cover of Billboard with a paper bag on her head:

Pop hits these days usually have at least two or three writers, and the choruses are generally celebratory — “victim to victory,” as Furler put it. For some, this process can still be soul-wrenching and endless, but Furler has no patience for that. In recent years, she has become a one-woman hit factory, working with Kurstin and others to write songs for artists like Christina Aguilera and Beyoncé. And her hits — including Flo Rida’s “Wild Ones” [...]


GOOPify Your Sweatshirt, With Googly Eyes

Today: The DIY Goop Sweatshirt

Previously: The Hunger Games Makeup Tutorial

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Ask a Jeweler: Nonmetal Bands, Gem Appraisal, and Inherited Damage

1. Could you offer some suggestions for a non-metal engagement ring?

I work as an industrial electrician, and my company has a strict policy prohibiting metallic jewelry (which I am totally on board with, for the record.). For the time being I've pretty much decided not to get an engagement or wedding ring, because it seems silly to pay so much for something that I'd only get to wear a few waking hours a week. I'm ok without the token but … it would be nice to have my reminder that someone cares, especially at work.

As someone who also has a reaction to metal worn for more [...]