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Somewhere Between Fantasy and Reality: A Tribute to Loehmann's

The scene at Loehmann’s on a Thursday afternoon in early January was both grim and hyper-charged. I was one of a few dozen women who’d been drawn there in a mixture of nostalgia and desperation after the shocking news from the day prior that the chain had declared bankruptcy and would soon be closing its doors forever.

“Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck,” I thought as I ransacked the aisles, which now wore bright yellow signs that said “Up to 70 percent OFF” and “All Stock Must Go.” Though I’d only been introduced to Loehmann’s in my early twenties, it had been the sight of so many victories. [...]


Miracles on 5th Avenue

Here's a slideshow of department store holiday window displays in New York. The dress in #26, please.


Good Riddance, Perfume Spritzers

Excellent news: those perfume pushers who line the aisles of many department store cosmetics areas are being phased out. People in the fragrance industry have finally realized that accosting shoppers with an unwanted spritz of potent/stinky perfume (which always seems to linger on you for days!) is not the most effective way to convince them to buy it. Now instead there will be sales people on hand to ask you detailed questions about the kinds of scents you prefer. (Do you like floral bouquet or musty basement undertones?) They'll give you fancy samples to try at home, and then they'll call you a few days later to see [...]