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All Things Converge

Getting along (too?) well with your exes is sweeping the nation, and "Dear Prudie" is hearing about it:

Q. I Want My Ex to Officiate at My Wedding: I plan to be married soon. My fiancé and I don't want a big to-do but would like to mark the occasion with a small ceremony and invite immediate family and a few close friends. This is a second marriage for both of us. My ex-husband and I remained civil to one another for the sake of our children. Once the hurt of our failed marriage had healed, we developed a friendship based on mutual interests and shared history. My [...]


Unless It's Chris Brown

Sometimes, people write obviously-fake letters to advice columnists. For example, you would totally sleep with the celebrity cad who is hitting on you. Just, whatever, double-bag it* or something.

YOLO, etc. Especially since the letter-writer says it is neither Charlie Sheen nor Mel Gibson.

*Don't do that. Unsafe.


Cheryl Strayed, Cary Tennis, Emily Yoffe, and Lynn Coady Walk Into a "Bar"

Are there common threads or themes that you see over and over in the questions you get? Questions that seem to be real problems in a lot of people’s lives that they keep writing in about in variations? Cheryl: Yes, a ton. There are a lot of people with broken hearts. And they’ll never get over so and so leaving them.

Emily: Yeah, I never run those because the answer is the same and it’s very boring. It’s just, “Move forward.” The guy I thought I’d kill myself over when I was 27 I can’t remember the name of now. There are some big general categories. One is [...]