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Talking to Misty Copeland About Race, Class and Ballet

Misty Copeland took her first ballet class at age 13 and performed as Clara in the Nutcracker eight months later. Four years after that, she joined the American Ballet Theatre as a corps member, and in 2007 she became the company's only black female soloist. She was also the first in decades, only the third in the company's history, and has for years been the only black woman dancing in the company at large. 

You came to ballet late, at age 13; the first time you came to the barre, you were wearing gym clothes. What did those first experiences feel like?

I initially felt like a fish out of [...]


Friday Open Thread

"These women danced in New York's Tompkins Square Park as a pink radio blasted 'Nobody But You' by South Korean girl-band Wonder Girls. Nobody wore gloves or hats. They were building heat." —Hairpin pal Jon Cotner was out and about last week.


Is the Purpose of Human Life Synchronized Dance?




And Now for a Dance Break

Dance, dance, dance!



Two Dance Sequences You Probably Can't Replicate Just Yet

1. From the New York City Ballet, and filmed the day after the anniversary of 9/11, "New Beginnings":

2. And from the very young and rather flawless B-Girl Terra, a routine for Jungle's "Platoon":


Step Up: Revolution: More Than the Sum of Its Dance-Movie Parts

Here is what you need to understand about dance movies: there are rules.

A few of the most important:

1. There must be a (hot) male lead and (hot) female lead, both of whom can dance. Preferably, these leads must have slightly different dance "styles" that will, through the course of 90 minutes, turn into a sweet dance alchemy evidenced in one or more dance finales. These leads are, for better or (usually) worse, white, because obviously white people are solidly B+ dancers/make marketing executives less nervous.

2. There must be a supporting cast of dance characters. This is where the non-white people get to shine. This is also [...]


A Brief History of Ballet Feet

"In the 1840s, when Marie Taglioni went on pointe for a few seconds in La Sylphide, her momentary weightlessness became an icon of the transcendent power of ballet. A pair of her shoes sold for 200 rubles and was cooked and eaten by her admirers." —Was Marie the white swan and were her admirers black swans, or was Marie the black swan and were her admirers geese? The Atlantic's Suzanne Fischer recaps the rise and repercussions of the pointe shoe. [20 minutes of internet searching passes.] Aaand this appears to have been linked to all over yesterday, so apologies if this is particularly old news. [Via]


A Highly Effective Year of Dance

Karen X. Chang, a designer in San Francisco, taught herself to dance in a year and captured the transition from day one to 365. She says she simply "practiced everywhere"—at the bus stop, in line at the grocery store, even at her desk. This may inspire me to bring back my great Dougie workout plan (consists entirely of the Dougie) of late 2010.


The League of Ordinary Ladies: Jo-SEPH


So You Think You're Obsessed With So You Think You Can Dance?

Do you…

Tear up during especially moving auditions during the first episode?

Tweet so much about So You Think You Can Dance that you have SYTYCD-themed followers?

Try to express to everyone you know JUST HOW GLAD you are that Cat Deeley FINALLY got an Emmy nomination for best reality host, because it's CRIMINAL she hasn't been recognized before, and she's SO MUCH BETTER than that douche Seacrest. Jeff Probst?! Who even watches Survivor?

Try but fail to start a Twitter challenge by posting the best YouTube clips of the Sexiest Sambas of SYTYCD?

Have dreams about emotional contemporary dance pieces? Not actual ones that you watched, [...]