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A to Z: Cute Animal Videos I'm Still Waiting On

Alpacas: Eating stacks of Fig Newtons that equal them in height.

Boa constrictor: That ginormous snake that can open doors can tip off a gigantic falling domino course.

Capybaras: This requires two capybaras—a big one to be dressed as a nurse, and a little one to be dressed as a Victorian baby being pushed by the other in an enormous perambulator.

Dolphins: Redo that Qream qommercial, but replace every human in it with a dolphin.

Elephants: Splashing around in an immense pond that has been filled with Nutella. Can you imagine the delight?

Flapjack octopus: Put a bunch into a tub, along with a very fat human baby [...]


Goose Shoes

They put a bird in Tevas. But the gleam in his eye suggests he'd trade for the stilettos.


Help Hot Mayonnaise

Commenter Hot Mayonnaise has a puppy and a child. Both are below, but only one has a name. Can you help him with the one on the left? It's a nine-week-old female miniature schnauzer, and I believe whoever comes up with the winning name gets to keep them both, Rumplestiltskin-style.

Update: "The dog has been named Abby, which I don’t believe was in the comment thread. The second-place name was Olive. So, whichever commenter suggested Olive gets to put my daughter through college. Give them my congrats!" Congrats, sorry your heinous!


The Power of Cute Runs the World

I didn't see cute coming. If you're old enough to vaguely remember the world pre-internet, would you have predicted how much of it would be used to trigger, awww?

In 2003, This American Life aired a story about one man's dream: to start a 24-hour cable channel devoted to puppy videos. How eccentric! Maybe, just maybe he might have something there. Within a few years, half of the greatest communication tool in human history had pretty much become The Puppy Channel.

Cute is like umami. A delicious, underlying force that compels our choices. We ate for years and years without giving much thought to what it was exactly [...]


Look At These Goddamn Meerkats

Are you kidding me right now. [via]


Missing Cat Shows Up Just in Time to Be on TV

Normally, the phrase "Judy's shaggy friend of ten years came out of nowhere" would be terrifying, but in this instance it heralds an adorable reunion between said shaggy friend (a cat named Cadie) and Judy, a woman whose house was ripped apart by a tornado. (If Judy's reaction causes you to have a little moistness in the eye area, just remind yourself that the reporter did not close the kitchen cabinet after he put the glass back in, and you'll be back to your old angry self in no time!)



Can I Borrow Your Very Tiny Umbrella?

Quick question for my Magic 8-Ball: Is the Slow Loris the cutest creature ever created?


Cats Are Here to Help Wake You Up

Let's play a morning drinking game: grab your coffee (or tea or whatever you like), and go look at these photos of cats sitting in tiny, cat-sized furniture. Simply take a sip of your wake-up juice every time you see a cat in one of the photos. By the end, you'll be a) more alert, b) in a slightly better mood, c) on your way to buy some tiny furniture and possibly a kitten, or d) all of the above. You can't lose!


Animals in Baths

This website is mostly false advertising so far, since I'm only seeing dogs.


The Two Best Bugs Are Found at Last!

"Hi-eey!" "Hi hi hi hi!" "Oh hai-ii, hey, hi-hi," "Hiya!" "Hi-yai-yai!" "Hi-yai-yai-yip-yip-yip-yip!" "Yip yip yip yip yip!" "Eeeee!" "Eeeeeee!!" "I love you!" "I love you so much!" "Aaah!" "Ahhh I'm so happy!!!"