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My Imaginary Friends: The Beauty YouTuber Economy

I quit my job at the end of this February to participate in a writing residency at my apartment funded by myself. After being mentally and physically numbed by my service sector job almost every day for five months, I found myself abruptly, uneasily alone and well rested. It is often these moments of emptiness in my life when unexpected manias and fetishes overtake me, some new stupid interest I can devote all my free time to. This time, it was YouTube videos of women recommending beauty products. Obviously.

My own relationship to the world of cosmetics is conflicted and idiosyncratic. I refuse to do anything to myself that I [...]


Britney Spears Perfume Ruins Date

Remember when Cosmo kindly advised you to pretend you don't own certain bathroom products in the company of a man, even though the products they listed were completely innocuous and normal and important? Well, it turns out that one of those products could conceivably be a Britney Spears perfume, and it could ruin your life!


You've Got a Little Something on Your Face

Is this a fun way to put off filing that report today or what? Am I right ladies? Call me when it's five o'clock! No, but seriously, here are a million before & after galleries of women in "Character & Prosthetic Makeup". They are broken down into categories such as: old age, disguise, DIY head shaving, wonder workers and saints, robots and androids, gender-bending, and, my personal favorite, hard times and hard lives.


What Junk Can You Leave at a Dude's?

Heck if I know, but Cosmopolitan has some really sage tips on what items you can keep in Your Man's medicine cabinet and what items He must never, ever under any circumstances know that you use. Not that you personally are likely to make any of these mistakes. Because you don't have sensitive teeth. You have veneers! You can't feel a thing up in there. And the hair on your body is translucent.


Rivers of Sweat Go Well With Lipstick, Mascara, and Bronzer

"It’s not about me, it’s 100 percent about the baby. But I have to be in some of those pictures and I want to look as good as I can." Ladies are now planning their delivery-room makeup to look pretty on Facebook. And so they can add some flirty drama to their baby's natural look.