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The Relative-Enjoyability Scale of Strangers

+ 100 The bus driver who was utterly unperturbed when one of the front tires exploded immediately after we stepped onto the bus. (It's unclear if the combined six pieces of cake we consumed that night were the last straw.) “Well this bus ain't goin' nowhere,” he said .

+ 81 The guy next to Julie on the train who jostled her and yelled “BOO” to scare away her hiccups. When it worked, he giggled with delight and wished us a “happy, hiccup-free afternoon.”

+ 77 The deodorant zealot who gave us a totally unsolicited review of her favorite natural deodorant in an aisle at Whole Foods, which kept [...]


The Real Reason to Give Up Your Seat for a Pregnant Lady

A Brooklyn mom-to-be kept track of who gave up their seat for her when, and arranged all the results on this pretty infographic, which you can see full-sized here.

What it doesn't mention is that giving up your seat for someone indisputably pregnant or otherwise visibly in need of a seat makes you feel so good about yourself it shouldn't even really be thought of as a good deed.


Bus Driver Hates on Woman's iPhone "Boombox"

"So, I was riding the B62 towards Williamsburg," writes YouTube user anyland, "when this lady starts playing music on her iPhone. The bus driver … asks her to turn it off or use headphones," and the woman flirts back. (NSFW audio.)



Women Share Breakfast Spaghetti on the Subway

"What kind of animals eat on the train like that?" one commuter recently asked another. "What kind of fat bitches look like you?" the second commuter responded. Oh! OK, yes, good, one of these commutes.