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Playing the Lexical Field

Over at the Guardian this morning, a list of "untranslatable" words and their translations, along with a few thoughts on what it means for a word's true meaning to be limited to its speakers.

Think of it like this: the real world is a plain patch of ground, and language is a net we throw over it. Each time the net falls, every one of the diamond-shaped holes lands on a slightly different patch. The net’s a bit worn out, and some of the holes are torn, meaning they cover more ground. Some bunch up and cover less. Think of words as being like these holes: so saudade might mean something slightly [...]


Illustrated Outgoing Texts: Chapter 1


Cosmo's "Hottest Texts to Send a Guy," Edited

"Fire off one of these very naughty 160-or-fewer-characters messages and your man will drop whatever he's doing to come see you."

At work having very NSFW thoughts about throwing you down on my desk …

At my physical therapy appt having very NSFPT thoughts about throwing you down! I wish you were injured, too. I feel like you've been distant since the accident. 


See if you can decipher this abbreviation: OMG IWUIM

See if you can decipher this abbreviation: OMG IWUIM


No guesses? 😉

It means Oh My God I Want Uterine Infection Meds 



Those Little Notes

This post is brought to you by justWink. Cards just got awesome.

I was staying at a friend's house once, and because someone else was using the bathroom to which I'd been designated, my host offered to let me use his. So I walked through his bedroom and did that. (Side note: isn't it always exciting to be in the real bathroom? With everything in its natural state — clothes in the places they were tossed, prescriptions out, mysterious salves … out, the temptation to open the medicine cabinet very, very great, but you're a respectful and perfect guest, and would never — it's almost like a tiny safari [...]


In Case of Emergency

Hello. Since you’re looking at the emergency contact list on my phone, I must be in pretty rough shape—thanks for helping! Not to be a complete pain (and if it appears that I am in excruciating pain please skip to number seven), but following the guidelines below will ensure the best outcome possible.

1. If I am unconscious because of an accident, please call my mother (“Mom”). She has been expecting this phone call for years. If she does not answer, please call my boyfriend (“Andrew”).

2. If I am passed out in a bar and you found my phone because we were flirting or exchanging numbers when I lost [...]


Gmail Chains

Talia: Hey guys!  Looked out the window and noticed there’s a baby hanging off a branch in the big oak tree.  Can someone take care of this?  Thanks!

Sean: fyi i can’t do this but best of luck.

Will: I have to do this weird bowling thing but it should be done by 11.

Talia: Hmm OK.  Baby looks pretty upset…

Will: ohhhh ok.  But anyway I should be able to come by 11!

Rose: Hey!  So my sister is visiting with my little nephew so I’m already dealing with a baby, so if someone else could deal with this I would prefer not to.  But if not, [...]


Whale Either Genuinely Angry or Playfully Disbelieving

"The whale was recognized as the source of the speech-like sounds when a diver surfaced outside this whale’s enclosure and asked 'Who told me to get out?' Our observations led us to conclude the 'out' which was repeated several times came from [the white whale named] NOC."

Update: Now with audio.

Previously: Whale Radio.


Anger Problems and The Trivia Superteam

A couple of days ago I started trying out this thing, vaguely related to my yoga practice, wherein I am basically supposed to “speak softly or medium-soft” for 40 consecutive days. There are a lot of ways to interpret this directive, which I like to think was translated from Gurmukhi and originally said something like, “Try not to spend all your time just going off on shit.”

The night before the challenge was to start I went to dinner with my boyfriend at his friend Mark’s house. I get along fine with Mark, but Mark had a friend there, and right away, I could tell Mark’s friend probably didn’t know [...]


Reading Between The Texts: Sexting, Sort Of. (?)

The Texts

B: Dinner this week? Him: I didnt think i would hear from you again.. haha, Im availble early next week B: You need to have more self-confidence boy! Him: haha

The Analysis

K: Haha. You called him ‘boy.’ B: Guys love that. I think. K: The few times I’ve been called ‘lady’ I liked it so much it was almost a problem, so I can see that. Although maybe the reverse is ‘sir’ and in this case it’s more like you are like his stern but ultimately kindhearted grandmother. Or maybe it is really cool and he was like “whoa.” Anywayyy, what happened after? B: Nothing. [...]


Being a Communication Ninja

This post is brought to you by justWink. Cards just got awesome.

Before we get into the really good advice about managing your more-difficult interpersonal relationships, an obvious caveat: end your most difficult interpersonal relationships. You can't always do it, of course. Sometimes you love them, sometimes they're family, sometimes they work next to you, and you have to keep them in your life. So, let's proceed with that understanding: this person is there to stay, so we're going to make it work. Oh, and, ideally, you've already tried to be honest with them about your issues and nothing has changed.

The Fundamental Fake-Out: Pretend you already have [...]