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The TMZ Style Guide

1. HEADLINES: Font size in headlines should be completely arbitrary. Sometimes the name is emphasized (JAY Z) sometimes the event is emphasized (SUFFERS SEIZURE AT REHAB) sometimes a random phrase (MERCIFUL JUDGE) is emphasized. Whatever is emphasized is not as important as the fact that something is emphasized.

2. PUNCTUATION: Whenever possible, ellipses should be used instead of periods and commas. Two dashes (–) can be used in exactly the same way an ellipse might be used. Both an ellipse and a dash can be used in the same sentence, like here: "In the photo … Willow Smith is in bed — fully clothed and on top of the covers — and an actor [...]


Hi Comma; Bye, Comma

From the Chronicle:

Punctuational minimalism has emerged as one of the hallmarks of casual online style—social media, texting, commenting, message boards. One inescapable example, which I’ve previously discussed, is the sea change in email greeting from “Hi, Name” to “Hi Name.”

"This is by no means exclusively the province of kids and illiterates," writes Ben Yagoda, citing a philosophy blog with a run-on vibe. Well, okay. But The New Yorker, the "the veritable St. Peter’s Basilica of the comma," is holding up the other end and still going HAM on elite punctuation:

For The New Yorker, using this punctuation mark in all generally accepted and even [...]