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Megan Amram…For You!

Here’s a hot tip: if you're interviewing a comedian over the phone, don't do the transcribing yourself.

First, you'll experience lots of technical difficulties, because your laughter will have made the comedian's responses inaudible.

Second, you will have to live with every dumb joke you made in a vain attempt to impress said comedian, and you will never be able to look at yourself in a mirror again without flinching in shame. I learned this the hard way.

I really, really want Megan Amram to think I'm funny, because I think she's very funny. Megan is the type of funny that brings her 33,400 Twitter [...]


The Best Time I Worked As a Cruise Ship Comedian

“Excuse me? My sign-on sheet has a mistake on it.”

It is not yet 8 a.m. and I’m blinking desperately at the stranger holding my passport in one hand and a leashed, drug-sniffing dog in the other.

“My date of birth is wrong?” I continue. “It says I’m 45. And also that I’m a man from Tampa.”

Taking his blank stare as an invitation to keep talking, I explain, “It’s just, I’m 25 and from Chicago. And also not a man.”

He takes the sheet, annoyed, and makes a series of illegible scribbles: “Just sign it. Welcome aboard.”

It is from these humble beginnings that I, Carley Moseley, née a [...]


Comedian Aamer Rahman on "Reverse Racism"

"I could be a reverse racist if I wanted to. All I'd need would be a time machine, and what I'd do is get in my time machine and go back in time to before Europe colonized the world and I'd convince the leaders of Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Central and South America to invade and occupy Europe, steal their land and resources… In that time I'd make sure I'd set up systems that privileged black and brown people at every conceivable social, political and economic opportunity…"


A Mournful Meditation On The State Of Being A Girlfriend

From Chicago actress Rebecca Loeser, a short monologue: "Girlfriends do uncreative Facebook statuses, whereas my Facebook statuses are robust. And bizarre. What if the identity changes don't stop there?" Girl, we feel you.


What's The Deal With These Flesh Prisons?


Consensual Comedy: An Interview with Comedian Heather Gold

Heather Gold is a comedian living in Oakland. She’s shared the stage with (among others) Patton Oswalt, Maria Bamford, Margaret Cho, Bill Irwin, and Judy Gold. She’s best known for her one-woman hit show “I Look Like an Egg, But I Identify as a Cookie”, an “interactive baking comedy” that’s made the rounds in Austin, New York, and most recently played to sold-out audiences in Berkeley. So far she’s baked over 50,000 cookies with audiences.

She also co-hosts the weekly web series Morning Jew with NYC-based comic Katie Halper.

I asked her to talk with me about she’s messing with the hyper-masculine conventions of traditional stand-up [...]


Start Your Day Laughing: Sasheer and Nicole's "Pursuit of Sexiness"

Here's the hilarious first episode of "Pursuit of Sexiness," a new web series written by and starring Hairpin favorites Sasheer Zamata and Nicole Byer as two goal-oriented young women who are "looking for good men, easy money and free meals but would be satisfied to break even and find a guy who doesn’t prematurely ejaculate." (Warning that certain parts are NSFW.)


I Mean, Aren't We ALL Searching for a Man Named Penis?

AMIRIGHT, ladies?!? Thank you thank you I'll be here all week.


Are We Terrorists?

Here is Brain of Terror, a masterful comedy short by actress Kathreen Khavari, who plays 11 different characters contemplating their ethnic identity after a particularly rough Homeland binge. Beware the binge.


A Conversation With Adrienne Truscott, a Performance Artist Doing a One-Woman Show About Rape

In my most feverish anxiety dreams, I'm at work facing a tribunal of scary bosses, not naked but totally bottomless, and somehow more-naked-than-naked as a result. For performance artist Adrienne Truscott, dreams like this are the stuff of inspiration. In her new solo show, "Adrienne Truscott's Asking for It! A one-lady rape about comedy starring her pussy…and little else!"  Truscott wears a cropped denim jacket, boots, a wig, and, well, not much else.

The setting’s not within everyone’s comfort zone, but Truscott’s audience is in good hands. She’s a seasoned performer with a history of naked feminist shenanigans (notably as half of the Wau Wau Sisters) and her [...]