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The Best Time Minnie Mouse, My Hero, Took Off Her Head and Projectile Vomited At Me

Minnie Mouse is the spokesperson of domestic goddesses everywhere. Minnie Mouse keeps her house cute all the time. Minnie Mouse’s relationship with Mickey inspired my dreams of love. Minnie Mouse’s polka-dot dress summed up all that I hoped the future held for me.

When I was six, and my parents told me that we were going to Disneyland, I felt sure that this was my moment to blossom. Growing up I was hopelessly odd: I preferred to be called “Chest”; a turkey that police named “Rambo” attacked me; I permed my bowl cut. Disneyland was my chance to meet my idol, who I knew would make me feel cool.

I [...]


The "We Fought About" Couple Talks Trolling, Going Viral, and What It's Like When Internet Strangers Tell You to Break Up

Claire Meyer and Alan Linic are a couple in Chicago. In August, they started keeping an online record of their fights; about a week ago, they "went viral." They are here to talk about it. 

Claire: Hi Alan.

Alan: Hi!

C: First question. Am I a good singer?

A: No.

C: Is that it?

A: Yeah. There’s really nothing else to say on that subject.

C: Okay. What has been your least and most favorite part about going viral?

A: Oh god. My favorite part is that it’s been nice to connect with and identify with so many people. It’s definitely been interesting to see what it’s like [...]