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_____ Starts Monday

From NYT's Well blog, today is the day our lives will change:

If you are thinking of quitting smoking, it is probably Monday.

Researchers monitored Google search queries from 2008 to 2012 in English, French, Chinese, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. Almost every week, queries about smoking cessation peaked on Mondays.

The study, published Monday in JAMA Internal Medicine, found that during the study period, the number of queries in English on Mondays was 1 percent larger than on Tuesdays, 11 percent larger than Wednesdays, 22 percent larger than Thursdays, 67 percent larger than Fridays, 145 percent larger than Saturdays and 59 percent larger than Sundays. Only in Russian [...]


Nicole Cliffe, What's in Your Bag?

Nicole "Reading" Cliffe, what are those crazy-looking horse books?


Remember "Smoke Breaks?"

Which career is most likely to get you an awesome smoking habit? The CDC just said contruction worker, miner, or food service employee, but they forgot president. One out of every one presidents is a smoker. That's a 100% chance. Go for it!


Stubborn Kitten Refuses to Quit Smoking

Apparently no one has taken the time to educate this young cat about the danger cigarettes pose to your health.



Estate Jewelry: A Necklace That Wears Its Own Rings

This gold ring belonged to Sarah Elmira Royster Sheldon, the childhood sweetheart of Edgar Allan Poe. Although they were secretly engaged as teenagers, Sarah’s father cut their relationship short, objecting to their youth and Poe’s hardscrabble background. Both Sarah and Edgar married others, but the two met again 23 years later. They soon rekindled their relationship (both of their spouses had passed away by that point), and the pair became engaged sometime around September 1849. Edgar gave Sarah this ring (inscribed “Edgar”), but a wedding never took place, as he died mysteriously on October 7, 1849.

After Poe’s death, Sarah gave the ring to Edgar’s sister Rosalie. It has passed [...]


Eat Food. Not Red Meat. Mostly Nuts.

The Los Angeles Times created this helpful infographic (at left, in miniature) of how to eat protein for the rest of your life to accompany this convincing article about how red meat is killing you. Easy, no? Plus if you eat more healthfully, you can make unwise choices elsewhere in your life and everything will balance out fine because that's just math and math is true I rest my case!


How to Sell Cigarettes to Russian Teen Girls

"I love everything new, delicious, and round!" Who doesn't?


The WHO Has the Worst Holidays

It's the internationally recognized No Tobacco Day, everyone! Or it's "you don't really need to quit until you're thirty/pregnant/have difficulty climbing stairs" day, depending on whether you're an Orthodox or Reform non-smoker.

If you are currently quitting (mazel tov!) the only people more miserable than you today are the tobacco executives. For their bummed-out internal memos on the subject, please feel free to peruse the official Tobacco Archives, which are sufficiently user-unfriendly to suggest that court-ordered transparency agreements are not the funnest part of Philip Morris' day.

(Can you imagine if someone just INVENTED cigarettes tomorrow and applied for permission to sell them? The [...]


Anna Breslaw, What's in Your Bag?

When Anna Breslaw isn't taking surreptitious photographs of Connie Britton, she's dumping out her purse and photographing it for this very website. Some say she doesn't do anything else. Is that true, Anna? Anna, can I have a cigarette?


People Still Like to Smoke, Drink, and Sit Around

"Only 1 out of every 20 survivors was following all three principles of healthful living." —Surviving cancer and/or a heart attack doesn't make quitting smoking, eating fruits and vegetables, or exercising any easier, which is not surprising, because those things are hard and not particularly enjoyable if you didn't already enjoy them.