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In Praise of Dirrty-Era Christina Aguilera

Into the Gloss put together a slideshow of 2000-2005 Christina Aguilera, which is Assless Chaps Christina Aguilera, Donatella Versace Christina Aguilera, grimy black braids in the weave Christina Aguilera, Mi Reflejo Christina Aguilera, trashy-as-feminist-praxis Christina Aguilera—which is all the Best Christina Aguilera, don't you agree?


What a (Good) Girl Wants

I have been sucked into this talent show called The Voice by my young cousin. Initially I resisted it, literally leaning away from the screen. So much Carson Daly. Endless Katy Perry covers. And I really hate tragedy packaging, despite my own side hustle teaching young college applicants exactly how to package their “tragedies” to epiphanic effect. So in that first show, when all these beautiful slickies wept to the cameras that they wanted to win The Voice because they were born prematurely, or they had been in a hostage situation like a decade ago, I was not having it. You want to be famous, you mongering fakers! Next!

Now [...]


"Am I Really Going for This?" Journalist Asks Self. "Whatever, I Guess"

It's Friday, and so people are going insane.


Time 4 Haim: Tuesday Music Roundup

There is more new music out today than anyone really knows what to do with, but here goes: first off, the beautiful, middle-parted Haim sisters have finally released Days Are Gone, which Jon Caramanica calls a "rapturous throwback" of an album. I don't hear many weak moments on it, either—if you're like me, maybe you've tired of "Falling" and "The Wire," but there's more to be had here. A few have complained that the album feels too comparatively polished to Haim's live performances, but that's really just a testament to their shows, which they often end by banging the shit out [...]


Christina Aguilera, "Your Body"

Wow. It's like if Grindhouse starred a ganguro Rosie the Riveter, and was also a live-action Frederick's of Hollywood catalog. I think I love it.

Christina's new single is available for $1.29 on iTunes.