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How Do You Get Shit Done?

This is unoriginal, but I'm a really bad procrastinator. I like spending thirty minutes staring at my pores in the mirror, or spending an hour scrolling to the hundredth page of Tumblr, or spending a day imagining what I'd look like if I shaved my eyebrows off (ok?). But I also crave the feeling of being productive, and can't operate too well without it. A friend recently asked me what I'd deem a perfect day, and nestled among 2-5 breakfast sandwiches, I asserted that I wanted a block of 90 minutes where I would put music on and get things done—clean my bathroom, get to inbox zero, update my [...]


The Hairpin Travel Serial, Part Four: Paris Is [Lonely/Lovely] When You’re Alone

Episodes One through Four of The Hairpin's eight-part Kindle Serial "An Experience Definitely Worth Allegedly Having" are now available in full via Amazon. Excerpts from the first three episodes can be found herehere, and here. (And: more info here.)


I’ve been a dating writer for the past three years. It’s not something I set out to do, really, but I liked writing, and had been on dates, and those are apparently the only real qualifications you need.

Being a dating writer consists mostly of encouraging people to date: spurring them on through their pursuit of love, and acknowledging that, yes, the process is [...]


Every Dating Problem, Solved: An Interview With Chiara Atik

Dating expert, travel enthusiast, HowAboutWe writer (and Hairpin contributor) Chiara Atik has a new book out today: Modern Dating: A Field Guide. We emailed about it.

Edith Zimmerman: Okay Chiara. Just respond with "…." if I ask you a question you probably get asked all the time, and I'll picture you staring blankly at me with your BIG AND BEAUTIFUL eyes. Question one: Would you describe your eyes as big and beautiful?

Oh, I’m constantly describing my eyes as big and beautiful to anyone who will listen.

Question two: Isn't it crazy to write about dating, don't your dates get weirded out when they find out what you [...]


Wikipedia Entries to Read in the Dark

5 Wikipedia Entries for When You’re Feeling Possibly Receptive to the Idea That Ghosts Might Exist's_Grove_Cemetery

5 Wikipedia Articles for When You Want to Take Your “Walking Dead” Costume to The Next Level

5 Wikipedia Articles for When You Find Yourself Wondering About the Historical Accuracy of 'Hocus Pocus'


Even More Wikipedia Entries to Read in the Dark

5 Wikipedia Entries for Romantic Trips With Your Ghost Boyfriend's_Hut


The Hairpin Travel Series

Hello! I'm excited to announce (and encourage you to buy!) the travel anthology "An Experience Definitely Worth Allegedly Having: Travel Stories From The Hairpin." It's a Kindle Serial featuring eight longform, never-before-published non-fiction stories from eight frequent Hairpin/Awl-world contributors: Carrie Frye, Jim Behrle, Maria Bustillos, Anne Helen Petersen, Chiara Atik, Nicole Cliffe, Jenna Wortham, and me. Each story takes about 10 minutes or so to read, and the whole thing costs $1.99. From the Amazon description:

Like The Hairpin, these essays are funny, weird, adventurous, and moving. There are stories about following a mysterious stranger’s maps in Mexico, attending endless step aerobics classes in Buenos Aires, faking a terrible [...]


Eight Days Alone In: London

Chiara Atik: Edith. You just got back from a trip to London. Did you see Kate Middleton?

Edith Zimmerman: Haha. No! But I never stopped looking. Not EVER!!!

You organized this whole thing pretty quickly, right? How long between buying the plane ticket and actually leaving? Was it easy to do on a whim?

Ha, yeah — let me tell you about the totally relatable trip to London I took on a whim! I mean, part of that is because I can work remotely and don't have a lot of other things going on in my life, so, pros and cons, I guess. But yeah, sometimes I get frustrated working from home [...]


Jessa Is a Total Amy

Hairpin pal Chiara Atik is over at Vulture today, making the case that the Little Women were the original Girls: "The characters of the show are analagous in a way that suggests these four girls — the writer, the responsible one, the sweet one, and the wild-child — are time-honored archetypes for American women, rather than products of their creator’s imagination. Or maybe American society and American girlhood just haven’t changed that much in the past 150 years." [Vulture]


"what do you think about twitter flirting. do people do it too much?"

Chiara Atik and I are still talking about dates. (Earlier.)


Eleven Days Alone In: Paris

Edith Zimmerman: Frequent traveler and Wikipedia enthusiast Chiara Atik just took a trip to Paris for Christmas and New Year's, which she chronicled on Tumblr and Instagram, inspiring both jealousy and vicarious delight. Chiara! Did you stay in one place or did you move around, hotel/apartment-wise?

Chiara Atik: One place! AirBnB. I think I'd be too lazy to move around, but that seems like a cool way to see different parts of a city. It was so nice to have an apartment there, though, to grocery shop, hang out on the couch, and just feel like a local for a week.