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Are You DTQ?

From last week, but maybe you missed it, Hairpin pal Kassia Miller was over at McSweeney's documenting The Queso Dip Consumption Ritual Between Female Roommates, which, I don't know, you could find relatable, possibly:

A day, a week, a month will go by before either roommate dares discuss the jar of queso dip. Several jars of salsa, bags of chips, the odd tub of icing, all of these foodstuffs will come and go. But Queen Queso shall remain, biding her time as the roommates bide theirs.

The first step toward consumption will begin with a casual aside: “Oh, I noticed we had some queso?” one roommate will remark. [...]


Or "Cheese on Toast"

Who's chilly and hungry?


Pigeons: "Milkable"

Where is pigeon cheese?


Get This Look: Cheese

1. The Cheese Ball

Happy National Cheeseball Day! Did you know there was a day during the year when we took time to pay homage to this spherical mass of cream cheese covered in nuts typically served around the holidays in the United States? Of COURSE YOU DID. Because you're an intelligent and savvy cheese consumer with an eye for style who knows all holidays with great panache! BONUS CHEESE BALL FACT: In Italy, they are called Bocconconi, which is both difficult and delightful to say out loud quietly to oneself.

Get This Look:


Frosty the Cheeseball Man: "And Then You Get Sick and Throw Up Gray"

This is an audio/visual onslaught, but "he's going to be delicious, especially when everyone's drunk and stoned."



Going Through Your Old Digital Camera as a Depressing Exercise in Maturity

Formerly acceptable party spread:


The Fondue-tain of Old Age

Roquefort (and other similarly molded cheese) has been identified as the one and only true key to everlasting health, happy holidays, enjoy!

And here's an actual Roquefort fondue recipe (and another), if you're interested, although perhaps melting it would affect the mold part.


Whatchoo Know About Pimento Cheese?

There are (probably?) two types of people in the world: those who love pimento cheese and those who don't. I've never even heard of the stuff, but I am appalled by my lack of ambition for not having come up with it on my own by this point. Apparently controversial pimento cheese additives: garlic, red pepper flakes, port wine, sugar, olives, and smoked gouda. So hungry!


A Promising New Elixir

If you make a cheese sauce, put it in a glass, sprinkle in a lot of sunflower seeds and some diced liver, stir it up, then drink it, you'll have smart children and won't get diabetes.