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Shipwreck Champagne Tasted, Enjoyed

"It was impossible to smell," Prof Jeandet said, because of the tiny quantity. "But it was fabulous—just tasting 100 microlitres."

He remembers flavours of tobacco and leather, he said. "The taste remained for two or three hours."

Champagne from an 1840s shipwreck allegedly tastes like your grandpa.


Let's All Make…

gold dipped things! Champagne flutes are featured in this project, but you could pretty much do anything. Except a baby. I realize how tempting it is, but you should never, ever dip your baby in gold. You can sometimes dip your girlfriend in gold, and it's completely okay to dip a cake in it, but never dip your baby in gold. Cheers!


Nail Polish and Champagne

Of all the indicators we looked at, one of the most consistently accurate was Champagne sales. The amount of French Champagne that Americans consume has predicted — with nearly 90 percent accuracy — the average American income one year later. Apparently, when we pop a Champagne cork, we know that good times are ahead (see chart).

Interesting. And apparently nail polish does a similar thing, but in reverse — sales go up when the economy goes down.

(Ecru-nomic Rejuvenation? No? No, not at all.)


Marilyn Monroe, 1926 – 1962

Marilyn Monroe would have turned 85 today, and in her honor here's a gallery of rarely-seen pre-fame photos. "Hey, did you ever try dunking a potato chip in champagne?" she later asked in The Seven Year Itch. "It's real crazy!"


On Charmed and the Covens We Create

Charmed is a show about a group of magical sisters who live together and kill a bunch of dudes. Of course, that’s not a reading I got as a kid watching the show during its initial run, so entranced by the bad special effects and general hijinks Piper, Phoebe, and Prue Halliwell—who would be replaced by Paige Matthews following her demise—would get into from week to week. It ended before I entered high school, where I would find new heroines like Veronica Mars or the girls from The O.C. to idolize.

Like any recently turned 22-year-old who loves nostalgia and hates productivity, I embarked on what turned into a [...]


Happy Hour: Bargain Bubbly

Happy almost New Year! I can tell you guys are looking forward to this one, because I've been getting emails since like October asking for champagne and sparkling wine suggestions. The key word in each of those emails? "Cheap." I'll admit I can sometimes have expensive taste when it comes to alcohol, but it's one thing to splurge when making drinks for three or four friends. When it comes to providing the bubbly for your friends, their friends, and that girl that you meet at every party whose name you still don't know, though, I'm with you — the cheaper the better … as long as it doesn't taste [...]


Back of the Club, Sippin' Moet Is Where You'll Find Me

"As it happens, no other wine provides such a dependable bridge to pleasure, is at home with so many types of food, and none is so reliably mood altering, suitable for weathering both elation and odium." —Alex Halberstadt is talking about champagne, of course. Can someone explain "disgorgement" please? And by "explain" I mean "I don't care. Send me a bottle of Cristal." Bonus: here is the rap song you have stuck in your head now.


"Champagne" Deviled Eggs?

1. Well, this one's pretty straightforward. (And if the Calendar Lords are reading, I promise to do better in the coming months; you can have my first-born, regardless.)

2. Cut the top off a hard-boiled egg, pop/crumble-pick the yolk out, and mash it with your mix-ins of choice (here it's mayo, mustard, and a Trader Joe's yogurt dip thing, which was gross, but not inedible [haven't yet found that], and it's just an egg and it's good to experiment? #Yolo –> #Yolk? You Once Live — Know?).

3. So yeah, this one's a little loosey goosey, but then put it in a candlestick that sort of looks [...]


You Don't "Need" a Champagne Saber…

Although master sommelier David Glancy would beg to differ. No, he actually agrees: "you could use a heavy chef's knife, [or] you could use a real sword … but it just needs to be heavy." The Times also has a colorful written tutorial: "Why would anyone take a blade to Champagne?" Toby Cecchini asks. "Well, frankly, it allows you to embrace your inner jackass under the guise of being dashing, with the entire drippingly elegant historical pageant of Champagne to lend your puerile posturing legitimacy and panache. I still can’t decide if sabering Champagne is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard of, or one of the greatest, but it’s precisely [...]


Who Will Eat the World's Most Expensive Dessert?

Made from a variety of chocolates, champagne caviar (?), gold leaf, and a two-carat diamond, the nameless chocolate pudding dessert costs $35,000 and comes delivered in an edible Fabergé Egg-style container, which has been glazed in champagne jelly (?) and more edible gold, and is made of biscuit joconde. It is waiting by the fire for someone to come eat it.

OK let's figure this out. Biscuit joconde is an almond sponge cake. Champagne caviar … does not appear to exist, although champagne jelly does, so champagne caviar must be made from the eggs of a fish fed strictly champagne and champagne jelly. I'd try it.