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Bill Murray and Me

The first time I met Bill Murray, I was 18 years old and wearing a miserable brown ensemble.

The garments belonged to my mother, and for unknown reasons I had filched them to add to my own wardrobe in New York: a chocolate, polyester blouse, light-washed jeans, and mahogany, backless loafers in the style of re-imagined Mary Janes. I had just moved to the city for college and the independent film I interned for consisted of a tidy editorial crew (Editor, Assistant Editor, and me.) Rather than cool clothes, I outfitted myself with that spirited, blind alacrity only youth affords. I was thrilled to work on a real film—in the [...]


Tina Fey at the Paley Center

Tina Fey and I chose the exact same instant to arrive at the Paley Center for "Hey Dummies: An Evening With the 30 Rock Writers," but she had a much better ride and smoother hair. Lest she make eye contact and catch me in a The-Queen-and-Hilary-Mantel moment of naked, cannibalistic gawpery, I instinctively whipped around and started pretending to text as a small throng of kind, nervous young women in fingerless gloves pressed forward with their smartphones, saying Tina, Tina! as loudly as they dared, which was never as loud as the voice you would ideally use in a business meeting, were you to find yourself in one.

Tina [...]


Positivity in the Dec. 2012 Issue of "Hello! Canada"

"Fashion Royalty Oscar De La Renta Tells Hello! Why He Loves His Life So Much" Fantastic – 3 Charming – 2 Impeccably dressed – 1 Prestigious – 1 Elegant – 2 Elegance – 1 Richness – 1 Famed – 1 A glimpse of his studio, where magic comes to life – 1 Marvellous – 1 Justifiably proud – 1 Fairytale gowns hang as if waiting for the ball – 1 Gorgeous – 1 Adored – 1 Like a treasure chest for any lover of fashion; it's impossible not to appreciate the richness of colors, textures and combinations that are created there. They are true works of art that express the [...]