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Anthony Lane Profiles James Franco

"Would it be construed as trespass, therefore, to state that Johansson looks tellingly radiant in the flesh? Mind you, she rarely looks unradiant, so it’s hard to say whether her condition [pregnancy] has made a difference." —The New Yorker, March 2014.

Poised on the edge of adulthood, James Franco is somehow all things at once, hard and soft, weathered and barely able to grow a beard, famous but quotidian, like a dumpling. Sitting by the fireplace in the Bowery Hotel and listening to the scruffy actor/ writer/ poet/ teacher/ artist/ intellectual provide meta commentary on his own celebrity, the intense glow on his face accents the sharp cheekbones that have [...]


What Kind of Restaurant Are You?

Jonathan Van Meter profiled Jennifer Lawrence for Vogue's September issue, and this is the opening paragraph:

Leave it to J.Law to choose the Odeon, a restaurant she plucked from a list because she liked the sound of its name. It opened on a corner in Tribeca long before Lawrence was even born and defined a genre: Execute everything perfectly, but don’t take it all so seriously—an apt description of Lawrence herself. Indeed, Odeon has lasted for 30 years because, while it cares about great service and good food, it is committed above all else to being fun.

I'm personally more of a Subway gal, because I love value and [...]


Kristen Wiig Plays Celebrity Profile Mad Libs

At the New York Times magazine, here is a delightful send-up of generic, dumb magazine write-ups on celebrities, from the first paragraph:

Kristen Wiig is currently (verb) staring at a (foodstuff) meatball sitting at a table at (favorite restaurant) Dumpy’s. Her hair is (adjective) wet and she’s wearing a (piece of clothing) towel. She is separating her (foodstuff) baked potato from her (other foodstuff) mashed potato. The waiter arrives with a (food item) boiled potato, and says, "This was sent by (famous person) The ghost of Spartacus," whom we see waving from across the room. Clearly, Wiig has (verb) hallucinated.

To the last:

Will her life [...]


The Boy Who Continued to Live as Harry Potter and Actually Could Not Really Escape It Ever

Around 11:30, everyone lined up and gazed at the sea, waiting for the water taxi to take them to the next event. “In case you were wondering what that convocation in the corner was about,” Radcliffe said, referring to his time with his parents, “I did finally hit a point at which I needed to be somewhere where no one was asking me for anything.”

-Susan Dominus profiled Harry Potter Daniel Radcliffe for the New York Times Magazine this week, and it's sort of unexpectedly heartbreaking. (He's starring next as a young Allen Ginsberg in Kill Your Darlings.) A far more uplifting read, surely: [...]